Did I cross your path by accident?

It is midnight now in my country and I am tucked in my bed but I couldn’t sleep. Not that I am having trouble with my life or job, not even near to a trouble. I could not sleep because there is some joy in my heart and soul.

Today, I receive numerous text on my smartphone telling me good news about them passing their very demanding Chartered Qualification. They were in cloud nine and the most joyous moment in the lives perhaps. They share with me their joy. They thank me and other colleagues for making their dreams come through. They openly cry their heart out with joy, pleasant and jubilation. I can see, I can sense and I can undertsand their joy!

Part of their joy is with me now. I have stolen some of the joy they have shared with me. I sensed some achievements in my part to! I am jubilated and I can’t sleep because, like them I want to cry out the joy! I want to tell people I have succeeded too. I feel happiness in me because I have part of their success! I am part of their success! I am so happy with their success that feel jubilated, liberated from my responsibilities of taking care of their success. An accomplishment.

What has started twenty two years ago in my career to share my knowledge has prompted some hard thought on me over the years. Have I crossed their path by accident? Annually, and over the years I have good memories of jubilation of these sort. It kept me going over and over again with more enthusiasm, eagerness and continued hunger to share. Their success have powered my inner believe of doing more for them. For whoever I come accross. Am I crossing their path because I choose to? Or because they choose? Is that by design? By whom?

Why have they choose to work with me for their success? Why have they trusted me and my colleagues? The degree of trust they have making them do as instructed, study as adviced and even think like I do! Have I been mean making them believe what I believe, just to attain some success? Have I altered their belief for their own good. I hope by doing so, I have made good some souls that much need help. I guess that is the reason our path crosses.

Yet I am amazed, why them and not many others? Has my life over the last two decades designed? Was it my choice, my belief and my instinct to assist, share and help that have made the difference? What would I have done differently without these instincts? Will my path be different, passing different experiences and stories?

I guess there will be no answer but I know, today’s good news from the graduates have definitely pushed me, encouraged me and spurred me to do more like a hungry leopard.

I have enjoyed every bit of the last two decades, thank you all whom have crossed my path. Thank you for sharing a bit of your success. I honored.


photo credit: nationalreview.com


Malaysia Ku.

Isi hatiku buat Hari Malaysia. Hayati isi kandungan pengalaman saya sejak Merdeka.
Malaysia wasiatku

Ku ingin dan ku berharap

Negara muda berpanjangan  umur

Jajahan, kongkongan telahku tewaskan

Pelangi cerah awam ceria, penuh bererti
Ku lihat  dan ku sambut

Negarawan berusaha bangsa dibina

Aman simpati taat berfahaman

Negaraku berasas makmur dan sihat
Ku fikir dan ku bertutur

Pemimpin mendengar ku berpendapat

Ku bahas negarawan berikhtibar

Negaraku aman makmur dan jaya
Ku nasihat dan ku larangnya

Kaya raya negarawan lupakan asal

Dasar dan tuturan bertukar haluan

Ditindas ditekan jiwa rakyat sakit
Ku imbas dan ku soal

Dewasa kini ngapa bongkak berfitnah

Korupsi luas berufuk politik

Ditindas sakit dipenjara dihantui bertubi
Ku bertanya dan ku celaru

Anak cucu di siang hari mana bergantung

Di malam nyenyak tak lelap

Nasib mereka tak menentu lagi
Ku juang dan ku nasihat

Ku dah beruban usia sakit belakang

Nasib bangsa tak terhirau tak terbela

Pergiku hanya sekeping wasiat, Malaysia tanah untuk mu.
Mu bela kehendakmu

Itu tanah mu.

Driftwood drifter

via Photo Challenge: Transient

Am I a drifter? Like a driftwood?

Sometimes I wonder if it is good to be drifter, someone that wanders aimlessly from place to place; perhaps like a “globe drifter” would be ideal. Seeing places, meeting people, building friendship, try new food and culture, understanding geographical issues and the list just go on; perhaps they can only fit in an encyclopedia. Moving wherever I would like to bring myself to, nothing to worry for and just focus on learning new stuff. Or reporting what I have seen and learn in my blog, sharing and inspiring others to do the same; living a free willy life seeing the globe.

I know we are drifters in many ways, some are time drifters (would that be a “wait to see what happen”?), some are peers drifter (doing what peers are doing and just follow aimlessly?) and some were just plain life contented (nothing really excite them all the time, business as usual I guess).

But like the driftwood, drifting from shore to shore, leaving waves that washes them whenever the wing blows or the planet moves; would be interesting. I akin the driftwood that travels and sees shorelines and beaches, letting the waves to polish them before sending them to dry on the beach. Some will half buried by sand and some totally washed ashore. It is like life, drifted by circumstances, sometime it polishes us and sometimes sending us to the most difficult corner of life. it is also unfortunate that in most cases, you have no control over the circumstances; just like the armless driftwood or marine debris.

I know what you are thinking or responding now. Having control over your life!

I knew that, it is just my thoughts being free to drift across the globe, learning and experiencing. I would like to do that when my financials are of no worries! What’s your take?

It would be nice to document the drift journey of a lifetime! I have very high admiration for the many that travels the globe, some walking, some cycling, some on motorcycles and cars; and even on planes. They seems to have high priority for seeing and learning, something I really love to do and I hope I can just carry my knapsack and just go!

That’s my exact thoughts in this picture. Good luck, the drifter in me!















I am writing this in condemn of the attack in Manchester. As I am writing this, two other attacks were launch in Jakarta, news from the morning papers. Cruelty to mankind has conquered the minds of the attackers. I pity the attackers as they lose their mind further. Remembering the sadness of the victims’ family, I can only offer an advise for the attackers.

Sound of comfort is soothing

Mesmerizing the soul in contend

Calm and unsuspecting

Trust and friendliness, the beginning


They bash you, in kind and love

Unsung affection binds the soul

Knowing no wrongs the soul believes

You have no return, just trust


Dwelling deep, comfort overrides

Soul lost and rational gone

Orders rule the head in despair

Own life in danger, in honor


Unlike heroes, you are trapped

By your own greed of comfort

We have no comfort for you

Only advice, stop the senseless deeds!





Seeds of life

A seed dropped not too deep,
nurtured and fertilized,
by the guardian ground
grows into a handsome tree.
Leaves grew by the day
changing colors to inspire
some stay and otherwise
drop to add nutrients
Soon the tree grew old
branches losing leaves
dry, cracking and falling
onto and feeding the ground
Yet the tree has not died
her leaves and branches nurturing
another small seed
waiting to grow like another good tree. ~heng sum


The SuperMom
Supermom has an ability to do wonders, usually at the most unexpected time and situation.
She can cook you the best food you want, for example she will go all out to buy a chicken to cook your favorite chicken curry.  She knew your favorite are the wings and you ended up with THREE chicken wings in the curry. It is amazing!
She works faster than any dhobi would. She knows when you need that clean pair of pants and as you return from work, the pair looks brand new, iron and folded! Amazing!
She somehow has the super memory even Intel could not possible proviides without the best programmer in the house, but she can locate the smallest pin whenever you desperately needed it. Amazing!
She has been using the same pot that boils your soup for the past twenty years, and yet our break pads on the car couldn’t possible lasts two years, With some rafia strings, the handle still holds and the cover knob somehow is a spare part from undisclosed source! Amazing!
As you are reading this, I am confident to tell you that you are reading old news. She somehow has the intelligence that can match the FBI or CIA, connecting you and your siblings better than Facebook does and tell you something more accurate than Utusan would! Her source of information, somehow remains a mystery! Amazing!
Now, get your butt off the lazy chair and buy her a cake. It’s MOM’s day!
Happy Mothers Day Supermomm!

Butcher saves cat.

There was once a young boy that found a cat by the river. He decided to take her home. On the way, an old man had asked him what he is doing with the cat. The boy explained.

The old man went home and his wife asked why he was late. He said that he saw a young boy rescued a cat from the river.

Then came their neighbour, a carpenter,  and asked what they have been discussing. The couple said that they saw a young boy risked himself to save a drowing cat.

The carpenter went home and told his wife that their neighbour helped a young boy rescued a drowning cat by the river.

The carpenter’s wife went on to the market the next day telling the butcher that her husband, had help the young boy saved their neighbor’s cat from drowning.

The butcher, later that morning told some customers that the carpenter family’s cat almost drowned in river near the boy’s grandparents’ house.

One of the customers happene to be a reporter and made a headline “Butcher saved boy and cat with the help of a carpenter”

These are just some of the glories that the management at the higher level always gloried themselves leaving the story untold. The poor boy was spanked for playing near the river by his parent. The middle level management usually also looked good by producing exceellent reporting just like the old man, his neighbour and the carpenter.

I bet you have forgotten about the cat. The   whole organisation usually forgets the main topic, busy leveraging themselves and behind the glories, the poor boy was grounded for a whole week!

Pass on the story if your boss is the butcher! ~ Heng Sum April 24, while waiting for wife to finish shopping.