Butcher saves cat.

There was once a young boy that found a cat by the river. He decided to take her home. On the way, an old man had asked him what he is doing with the cat. The boy explained.

The old man went home and his wife asked why he was late. He said that he saw a young boy rescued a cat from the river.

Then came their neighbour, a carpenter,  and asked what they have been discussing. The couple said that they saw a young boy risked himself to save a drowing cat.

The carpenter went home and told his wife that their neighbour helped a young boy rescued a drowning cat by the river.

The carpenter’s wife went on to the market the next day telling the butcher that her husband, had help the young boy saved their neighbor’s cat from drowning.

The butcher, later that morning told some customers that the carpenter family’s cat almost drowned in river near the boy’s grandparents’ house.

One of the customers happene to be a reporter and made a headline “Butcher saved boy and cat with the help of a carpenter”

These are just some of the glories that the management at the higher level always gloried themselves leaving the story untold. The poor boy was spanked for playing near the river by his parent. The middle level management usually also looked good by producing exceellent reporting just like the old man, his neighbour and the carpenter.

I bet you have forgotten about the cat. The   whole organisation usually forgets the main topic, busy leveraging themselves and behind the glories, the poor boy was grounded for a whole week!

Pass on the story if your boss is the butcher! ~ Heng Sum April 24, while waiting for wife to finish shopping.


Letter to the CEO, again!

Dear CEO,

Are you a designer?

Not that I have not known you all these time, but I must ask if you are a designer? Why am I asking?

I think me and you, like many other younger entrepreneurs, especially the techpreneurs have to change what we do. I have read about the many successes around the world where newer stuff (those techies are ruining our plans!) are ruling the customers! Ours too!

They seem to be able to magically come out with something that the world wanted them so much. Something that they have not seen or tasted before, but surely, they are buying. It is mind boggling. Do you know why?

I am not sure if those ideas have something to do with the fact they understood the Gen Y better than us. I mean with the fact that Gen Y guys will be our top CEOs by 2025 and you and me already in our grey hats surely, we are missing something.

Just cross my mind, if we could not do it perhaps, we should allow someone from within can be given the opportunity to do so. I believe the younger blood, if not us should take the challenge to rework on our prized horses and our processes. I think it is just more that the process re-engineering we learnt back in the 90s. I think a radical change in our office here is necessary. We need a real transformation if not magical immediately.

Could you look out for someone that you could promote within your area that can see differently? Someone younger and probably, those who are able to understand the demand better? I mean look at Howard Shultz, he is actually stepping out to allow Kevin Johnson to work on the more tech stuff with so much as stake for Starbucks. I mean he knew he would probably can do the job but eventually, like our prized horses Starbucks know that the corporation is what matters.

Honestly, me and you have proven ourselves but eventually the younger world of customers that we are dealing with is changing so fast in taste and buying patterns are going to rule. We need someone to redesign how we open for business tomorrow!

The designer must be someone with that conviction that we had when we started this business, someone that is so passionate about the need to grow the company the way he or she wanted it. I mean in creating a demand for our brand name. Customers associate their needs to our brand name knowing that there are thousands of the same goods in this market. The designer must make them associate it to ours. Just like the one we are having now for the past thirty years.

Please give this a thought overnight and I am ready to discuss with you and the team in the next few days. We have to show them the way, getting them to seriously focus on designing a better in whatever we do to serve our customers. I believe this is out next growth path.

Let us start from our thoughts!

Letter to the CEO

Dear CEO,

Do you see the next S-Curve?

I am wondering if you are on the lookout for next S-Curve. I can sense that our sales are good as usual, only that it’s unusually flat for the last few months. Our prized horse doesn’t seem to give a good run for our money. Even our second fiddle slowed in her own class.

Our beloved customers, as I accidently heard from our neighbor, have been seriously betting on some tech stuff. Not that they are all the Gen Y, most of our loyal ones seem to be hinting that we need another prize winner.

Seriously, our vendors don’t seem to be interested anymore with the older stuff that we get from them. Some tells me that they are also moving to some greener pastures where they can race better. I am seriously worried that we have no more feeds for our horses, let alone that there could be very difficult race ahead of us. I wonder our rivals are secretly breeding better horses or even racing down some tech stuff!

Are these tech stuff ruining our races? Or is it just my fear that the races will soon be over? Some bankers are telling me that they are not betting the races anymore, they have indicated to me that they have more exciting past times elsewhere.

Are you looking at the next S-Curve for us? Stuff that can move us to win races every time. I love those days when everyone recognizes me more that our horses! The time when those betting were behind our horses and not our money! Do you have feedback from our rivals of what they are up to? Or what they have been up to with their betters?

Seriously, what do you think of our race track? It doesn’t seem to be straight anymore as in the past three years. Our horses seem to slow down before they finish. Our rivals have the same adrenalin level I believe. I hope everyone’s taking have not been jeopardized by these slow downers!

Give a thought on these tonight and maybe can discuss the in the morning.

p.s. if you still wonder what I am talking about, it is our corporate’s growth path!






17/365 A letter to my 16 years old self.

Today I am left without anything to write mainly because I have had a long day. The day was filled with classes and meeting and my body and mind could not write for today’s post. I recollect nevertheless, that I have written something before, probably five years ago, a letter to my sixteen year old self.. You can read it again here.



16/365 Complicated relationships

Complicated relationships.

Maths always ask you to find her X wirhout telling you Y.

Chemistry has you figure out what happen to C when she breaks up with O2.

Physics makes you wonder what happen to E when mc square her out.

Biology makes you wonder what happens to the heartbeat when he sees her.

Geography let us figure out if a long distance relationship will lasts

Englush tests you what will happen to s when he is with many people (plural)

….. lol….just me and my imagination

14/365 Are you searching?

A while ago I played Billy Joel’s “The River of Dreams”, it was a beautiful song especially when you are playing it in the middle of the night. I am inspired to write about this tile “Are you searching?”

So are you searching?

Have you lost something in the past that you work very hard now to find or recover? If there is, then what it is? Will it be the lost friendships? Lost time and opportunities?  Lost direction and patience?

Or that you are looking for something that you don’t even know it was lost or taken away? Or simply that you need to look for something that would make you feel better once you have found it? Or something that your instinct tells you to find to complete what you have now?

Will that also be a case that you are searching for something that others do not have? Like something of a magic potion of lasting youth? Or simply something to make you feel better because it will make you unique? Or perhaps the thing you are looking for is priceless? Fame? Fortune?

Or simply searching because you are not sure what you are have right now? Food for thought. Good luck in your search!