Driftwood drifter

via Photo Challenge: Transient

Am I a drifter? Like a driftwood?

Sometimes I wonder if it is good to be drifter, someone that wanders aimlessly from place to place; perhaps like a “globe drifter” would be ideal. Seeing places, meeting people, building friendship, try new food and culture, understanding geographical issues and the list just go on; perhaps they can only fit in an encyclopedia. Moving wherever I would like to bring myself to, nothing to worry for and just focus on learning new stuff. Or reporting what I have seen and learn in my blog, sharing and inspiring others to do the same; living a free willy life seeing the globe.

I know we are drifters in many ways, some are time drifters (would that be a “wait to see what happen”?), some are peers drifter (doing what peers are doing and just follow aimlessly?) and some were just plain life contented (nothing really excite them all the time, business as usual I guess).

But like the driftwood, drifting from shore to shore, leaving waves that washes them whenever the wing blows or the planet moves; would be interesting. I akin the driftwood that travels and sees shorelines and beaches, letting the waves to polish them before sending them to dry on the beach. Some will half buried by sand and some totally washed ashore. It is like life, drifted by circumstances, sometime it polishes us and sometimes sending us to the most difficult corner of life. it is also unfortunate that in most cases, you have no control over the circumstances; just like the armless driftwood or marine debris.

I know what you are thinking or responding now. Having control over your life!

I knew that, it is just my thoughts being free to drift across the globe, learning and experiencing. I would like to do that when my financials are of no worries! What’s your take?

It would be nice to document the drift journey of a lifetime! I have very high admiration for the many that travels the globe, some walking, some cycling, some on motorcycles and cars; and even on planes. They seems to have high priority for seeing and learning, something I really love to do and I hope I can just carry my knapsack and just go!

That’s my exact thoughts in this picture. Good luck, the drifter in me!















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