I am writing this in condemn of the attack in Manchester. As I am writing this, two other attacks were launch in Jakarta, news from the morning papers. Cruelty to mankind has conquered the minds of the attackers. I pity the attackers as they lose their mind further. Remembering the sadness of the victims’ family, I can only offer an advise for the attackers.

Sound of comfort is soothing

Mesmerizing the soul in contend

Calm and unsuspecting

Trust and friendliness, the beginning


They bash you, in kind and love

Unsung affection binds the soul

Knowing no wrongs the soul believes

You have no return, just trust


Dwelling deep, comfort overrides

Soul lost and rational gone

Orders rule the head in despair

Own life in danger, in honor


Unlike heroes, you are trapped

By your own greed of comfort

We have no comfort for you

Only advice, stop the senseless deeds!






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