The SuperMom
Supermom has an ability to do wonders, usually at the most unexpected time and situation.
She can cook you the best food you want, for example she will go all out to buy a chicken to cook your favorite chicken curry.  She knew your favorite are the wings and you ended up with THREE chicken wings in the curry. It is amazing!
She works faster than any dhobi would. She knows when you need that clean pair of pants and as you return from work, the pair looks brand new, iron and folded! Amazing!
She somehow has the super memory even Intel could not possible proviides without the best programmer in the house, but she can locate the smallest pin whenever you desperately needed it. Amazing!
She has been using the same pot that boils your soup for the past twenty years, and yet our break pads on the car couldn’t possible lasts two years, With some rafia strings, the handle still holds and the cover knob somehow is a spare part from undisclosed source! Amazing!
As you are reading this, I am confident to tell you that you are reading old news. She somehow has the intelligence that can match the FBI or CIA, connecting you and your siblings better than Facebook does and tell you something more accurate than Utusan would! Her source of information, somehow remains a mystery! Amazing!
Now, get your butt off the lazy chair and buy her a cake. It’s MOM’s day!
Happy Mothers Day Supermomm!


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