Butcher saves cat.

There was once a young boy that found a cat by the river. He decided to take her home. On the way, an old man had asked him what he is doing with the cat. The boy explained.

The old man went home and his wife asked why he was late. He said that he saw a young boy rescued a cat from the river.

Then came their neighbour, a carpenter,  and asked what they have been discussing. The couple said that they saw a young boy risked himself to save a drowing cat.

The carpenter went home and told his wife that their neighbour helped a young boy rescued a drowning cat by the river.

The carpenter’s wife went on to the market the next day telling the butcher that her husband, had help the young boy saved their neighbor’s cat from drowning.

The butcher, later that morning told some customers that the carpenter family’s cat almost drowned in river near the boy’s grandparents’ house.

One of the customers happene to be a reporter and made a headline “Butcher saved boy and cat with the help of a carpenter”

These are just some of the glories that the management at the higher level always gloried themselves leaving the story untold. The poor boy was spanked for playing near the river by his parent. The middle level management usually also looked good by producing exceellent reporting just like the old man, his neighbour and the carpenter.

I bet you have forgotten about the cat. The   whole organisation usually forgets the main topic, busy leveraging themselves and behind the glories, the poor boy was grounded for a whole week!

Pass on the story if your boss is the butcher! ~ Heng Sum April 24, while waiting for wife to finish shopping.


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