Letter to the CEO

Dear CEO,

Do you see the next S-Curve?

I am wondering if you are on the lookout for next S-Curve. I can sense that our sales are good as usual, only that it’s unusually flat for the last few months. Our prized horse doesn’t seem to give a good run for our money. Even our second fiddle slowed in her own class.

Our beloved customers, as I accidently heard from our neighbor, have been seriously betting on some tech stuff. Not that they are all the Gen Y, most of our loyal ones seem to be hinting that we need another prize winner.

Seriously, our vendors don’t seem to be interested anymore with the older stuff that we get from them. Some tells me that they are also moving to some greener pastures where they can race better. I am seriously worried that we have no more feeds for our horses, let alone that there could be very difficult race ahead of us. I wonder our rivals are secretly breeding better horses or even racing down some tech stuff!

Are these tech stuff ruining our races? Or is it just my fear that the races will soon be over? Some bankers are telling me that they are not betting the races anymore, they have indicated to me that they have more exciting past times elsewhere.

Are you looking at the next S-Curve for us? Stuff that can move us to win races every time. I love those days when everyone recognizes me more that our horses! The time when those betting were behind our horses and not our money! Do you have feedback from our rivals of what they are up to? Or what they have been up to with their betters?

Seriously, what do you think of our race track? It doesn’t seem to be straight anymore as in the past three years. Our horses seem to slow down before they finish. Our rivals have the same adrenalin level I believe. I hope everyone’s taking have not been jeopardized by these slow downers!

Give a thought on these tonight and maybe can discuss the in the morning.

p.s. if you still wonder what I am talking about, it is our corporate’s growth path!







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