14/365 Are you searching?

A while ago I played Billy Joel’s “The River of Dreams”, it was a beautiful song especially when you are playing it in the middle of the night. I am inspired to write about this tile “Are you searching?”

So are you searching?

Have you lost something in the past that you work very hard now to find or recover? If there is, then what it is? Will it be the lost friendships? Lost time and opportunities?  Lost direction and patience?

Or that you are looking for something that you don’t even know it was lost or taken away? Or simply that you need to look for something that would make you feel better once you have found it? Or something that your instinct tells you to find to complete what you have now?

Will that also be a case that you are searching for something that others do not have? Like something of a magic potion of lasting youth? Or simply something to make you feel better because it will make you unique? Or perhaps the thing you are looking for is priceless? Fame? Fortune?

Or simply searching because you are not sure what you are have right now? Food for thought. Good luck in your search!





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