11/365 Describing happiness

What is happiness? Is happiness self made, I mean you make happiness for yourself? Or are you doing something with other people that makes you happy?

I define happiness in a different way. I think happiness is about seeing people happy. I like the feeling that people around me are happy. Please don’t get me wrong that I goes around making people happy all the time. I don’t. I am a professional that my behavior is defined by events that good for all. I am not pleasing you because you need to be pleased. I will not pursue this debate here but concentrate writting on what is happiness.

Recently I had an opportunity to attend a graduation ceremony for my students. I jumped into the opporrunity! Yes I did! I told myself that I must go to put the creame on their success. I know they have looked forward to see me there. I knew that their photos will not complete without the presence of an academic faculty. I want to be there. I want to be there to complete their happiness. I want them to be happy parting ways with me. I want to do it for them! I knew they will be happy.

That way, I define happiness. Making happiness to people is my version of happiness.

P.s. pardon me of not loading all photos!




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