10/365 Quality time

Last Christmas I spent some good quality time in the Pearl of Orient (Penang, Malaysia) with my family. We discovered new interesting places on top of our task there, hunting for Penang food! Dropping down work, the time spent was necessary for my fast growing daughter, something to carry in her memory for many years to come. The childhood memories that I and wife try to give her is important, just like the older time our parents have given us.

This year we found a new attraction called 3D Art Trick located somewhere in Light Street, Georgetown (Lebuh Light in the local language). This place is amazing because the two stories old colonial shop lots houses a variety of optical illusions for her visitors. I like the following few which looks sure real! They may be illusions but I am very sure that the time spent with my family is something I will treasure for a long time! I can see happy faces they carries wandering around the building. Yes, I can see from my eyes as well as from my camera lens.

I reckons that one can be truly happy by attending to the simplest things, events and lifestyle.” It is the moments that we enjoyed and will be cherishing. The photos speaks as we run through them back home, but I end up smiling, knowing that they have all enjoyed.

I am happy!


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