8/365 Matter of perspective

Alright! It is half full because there is not enough to go around, so everyone got half a cup. This is when you have unexpected guests at your party. They always assume that you have abundance of food and drinks around at their disposal. Unfortunately no, not because they would be costs to much but I am more concern when they gone to waste!

It is also half full because kids at the party can’t drink too much, especially colder drinks and unhealthy carbonated drinks. Most parents would restrict their kids to keep them halved. I have seen some clever ones drank half when they took from the cocktail bar and slowly walking back to their seats with a half filled cup; convincing their parents that they have taken only half!

A few days ago I bought a cup of coffee from the machine and I was quite agitated because it turned out to be half filled. Disgusted because it was half filled from the already small paper cup! Not fair, it was half filled!

It is also believed to be half filled because no one actually notice who had drank my cordial drink at one of the party. I am sure it was filled full when the waiter delivered my drink but unfortunately when I was busy talking to other guests, some one has secretly sipped from my cup (maybe by accident). I wasn’t sure because I have no notice or seen anyone consumed it! I take it as half filled because I have no evidence that it was filled when delivered!

Seriously, it wasn’t about the drinks. The concept of being half filled would find its way to our daily careers; ranging from ideas presented, work done, consistency of arguments, claims etc. Many perceived the half full cup to signify inadequacy but I guess its a matter of perspective. I attribute them to some reasons such as retreat from an argument, compromise on negotiation (making ways for others), laying foundation for more ideas (that’s why it is half full) and many more. That’s why it is half full from my perspective. More so with some positive arguments why I choose to let them half filled!

Of course I am open for different perspective. Cheers but I prefer the beer mug to be filled, honestly!






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