7/365 wedding bliss

Today I attended a church wedding of my student turned good friend, Dinesh and his lovely wife Adelynne. A very humble man, Dinesh is quite jovial and friendly. He is also very handsome today. At this pont of writting the bride is still getting herself ready the best look I guess.
I wish this newly wed a bright future in this holy matrimony, filled with love and blessings. Truly I am happy for both, a journey so beautiful for both to make it happen.

Dinesh has always a piece of my respect due to his hardworking attitude when he was doing his MBA.

I can be seen here with the happiest couple on earth today.

Happily married Dinesh and Adelynne!

p.s. believe me or not, this date was pre-booked more  than half a year due to my busy schedule and I make it a point not to miss.


2 thoughts on “7/365 wedding bliss

  1. Mr Sum, thank you so much from the both of us. Your friendship with and support of him leave me in awe. What a great mentor and friend you are. May God bless you.

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