5/365 My good friends

The time shows 00.00 at mid night. Drench completely with beers and washed out on energy, I am compelled to post this. This evening (rather last) i had a very special reunion with some ex-colleagues that I shall call them extreme good friends. It so special because these friends are honest that there are so genuine in the friendship. I have a very long story to explain why they meant so much to me, they are unconditionally concern of my whereabout and how I am doing!

To be honest I have not done my part of the friendship between 2009 and 2011 due to my personal problems. I needed space then and I have rejected many of their calls to meet. Selfish me but with perseverence, today I have done some justice to myself and make amend  to the loyal friends! We have spent some good years working along prior to 2009, before my departure from the organisation (without a full time job). 

I know there were equally concern over my well being all these while and my heart has always been with them. Unfortunately I needed some room for myself that time to the tireless effort of them to get me back to the fold. Today I have picked up enough courage to meet them again to continue our friendship. I am ready. I am so happy this evening that they have unconditionally accepted me back to the fold.

We share some good hours over coffee and then beers looking back the good, teething and trying times at our former work place. I trully appreciate the time.

Who are my friends? They are Lim, Tai, Ng and John (away in Singapore and shall join us come CNY). Thank you guys! I truly appreciate your effort to get me back!


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