4/365 Crossing (Path)

Have you heard of the saying “until our path crosses again”? How true is that? what is the chances that someone actually crosses your path again sometimes in the future? would that one in a million?

It is true, at least from my case! I thought I would have taught a student few years ago and he completes his MBA, only to find that he sees me again in another program, a Chartered Accountancy! And then it wasn’t the last, a couple of weeks ago our path crosses again in a trainer’s program! Strange but true. I am sure that would not be the last!

Have yours then?

In the last two years, I was busy (or trying my very best) to meet up again with my school mates that we last see each other some thirty two years ago. In this picture is my good friend Zamani. I have already good impression on him as a kind, soft spoken classmate while in school and he is now his same good man with a good family. There is a gap of thirty years that I have not seen him and with the use of technology like Facebook, I am glad our path crosses again! For good!

Also another classmate is Ridzuan, also path crosses again three years ago after a lapse of thirty years. In fact it is Ridzuan that took all the initiative and effort to track down long lo

st friends from our school, not seen for the past three decades! Thank you mate!

Path crosses! You better believe it!










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