3/365 Extraordinary impact on your life

Today I have the opportunity to watch a YouTube video “How to have extraordinary impact in your life” by Prof. Gary Hamel of London School of Economics. The title caught my eyes as I was looking for some new ideas for my coming project.

The video is about four things you could immerse in to create extraordinary impact on your life. It is very inspirational and without hesitation, I have done a self check on myself if I have all the essentials. Courage, Contrary Mind, Compassion heart and the combination of all. You may watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siDuL4OAudI

I asked myself have I found courage in all I have done? I think so, especially for someone that has done a career switch and followed by a second move to go independent and freelance! Maybe my perseverance is higher than many that I found my courage to try new things that really can keep me going and happy. In my earlier post, I indicated that I am attempting a third!

Contrary mind, according to Hamel is about doing things differently to create impact. follow his story and you will know what he meant. I asked myself again, have I so far? I don’t know, but I guess after all these twenty years in education services I believe I have done more that I thought I could do! If you have known me maybe thirty years ago, you will be (including myself!) be amazed how different I was then! Honest, real difference! (I am also happier in my heart doing things in the last twenty years in classrooms, lectures and seminars)

Compassion heart is the human connection according to Hamel. I agreed with tears rolling of my eyes as I watched. Touching souls in many ways and in many instances. I am glad I did! I hope I have made you a happier, enlightened and enriched soul. With honesty, I do have this special gift from god that I can connect to you quite easily. I can’t explain how but I hope I have made a difference in your life. You must watch Hamel’s story behind the point (It was about his brother!)

I am glad that I have caught this video! The fourth is the combination of all three!
















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