2/365 How are you?

Every now and then I like to browse thru names of people I have known over the years. Reason? No special reason, just like to know how they are doing. Telling you that I don’t care is a lie. To be honest, after being an educator for the last twenty years, I yearn to see how my students (and also friends) are doing. The same feelings goes to my school mates, college mates and even past colleagues.

Over the years, each day has become a new page for my memories as I learn happenings of those I knew. Some migrated and settled with family with grown up kids of their own (if you are reading this, pls get in touch with me), some left the social circle and I have no ideas of their where about. Lately, one of the past students lost his dad, one has grown a large family, one will be delivering her second child next week (I know you are reading this) and many more as far as my memories can contain.

What’s the feeling inside me that I wanted to know their where about?

I slowly felt that the bonding between us is fading. The bonding that we have built is like a parent-child bonding, at least to me. I worried that you are struggling with life and may need a helping hand, or at least a helping pair of ears. The bonding is still being felt that sometimes I wonder if you are doing well. It seems that there are some missing links between us that need to be mended. I know it has been long and sometimes my memories are failing.  I just want to know, knowing that you are well.

Drop me a line, if you can. Tell me that you are fine and happy.






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