The Nishiki Market, Kyoto

The Nishiki Market, Kyoto

This is no ordinary market, it isn’t a market for tourists and certainly not a market built to please the locals. If you are wondering why I have said that, let me bring you to a journey into the market itself. This market is lined on a straight narrow street spanning across few major roads. To be more precise, horizontally across them! You will never miss this if you are putting up in places near Sanko (in local name, the third road as Kyoto city is made up of a road number system)

The main reason why it is a local market is because they sell local food stuff and vegetables just like back home. They cater for tourists mainly from the small eateries and souvenirs but generally the local shops here most. I stood at a corner during lunch and after office hours and I can see droves of locals busy shopping here. The market is fully covered from street to street.



The traders start their daily routine around seven each morning with most of them busy cleaning, arranging and stocking up their wares. I can see them do it so diligently, a trait that most of us knew is discipline. Although the street is narrow, the traders made sure that their wares are not blocking the follow of human traffic, unlike my beloved country! These are some of the morning scenes.




I can see fish, liquor, medicine, souvenirs, eateries, handicrafts, groceries etch, all under one roof literally. They all lined up so handsomely and so harmonious that you will not feel bored. Yours truly busy snapping what can be seen. (more shots with my Nikon but travelling without a laptop is not a good idea). The diversity in needs across the visitors are amazing. School children will get their food, the older folks getting their groceries, foreign visitors like me looking for food and souvenirs and of course not forgetting the local housewives getting their daily supplies. The scene is just so lively here!


Bargaining is really not practiced but I guess the price tags helps, even for foreigners like me would rate it as excellent in terms of prices as I have compared the prices in other places, they are almost similar. The prices are obvious if you can recognize the currency!

The evening scene is somehow more interesting with people eating while walking or just browsing. I have tried some local food as well but not too many as they are quite pricy comparatively.




For more adventures, stay tuned.


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