Day 3 Down south to visit shrines and temples.

Day three started earlier as we have more places to cover. I started the day at five this morning and spent about forty five minutes and four hundred Yen doing the laundry. Good washing machines and dryer and the clothes were ready in no time. I have also talked to a Shanghai born American as I did him a favor when he was short on Yen100 with the dryer.

Soon, breakfast followed at the kitchen with the same food. My wife made me a good toast with peanut butter before we hit the road. We took a good walk from the hostel to the Sanjo train station for the Keihan Line (Yen 210) heading south to Fushimi-Inari to visit the “Orange Shrines”. It was a memorable trip with fascinating rows of arches painted in the orange color. This set up went back a few centuries ago.

Upon reaching the other end of the station, we had the opportunity to see from very near a rail line crossing.


The climb there was manageable with row of stalls on the way up. These are the photos that I have taken.


I have also got a chance to try Okonomiyaki, a fried vegetable with eggs in the form of a pan cake. Not that I can rate it at ten, but the experience counts.

Finding our way to another temple, the Kiyumizu-Dera by noon, we found our way back to Kyoto station where we had lunch. Sushi from the belt in a restaurant in the station. Price is not bad sound Yen147 to Yen230 a plate. Something simple and tasty.


We also took the opportunity to try out our favorite fast food, McDonald’s. I took a set of beef burger costing Yen600 and I think that its far more expensive that those in Subang Jays. Tried the pork burger too!




The bus trip started with platform D2 with bus number 206 and ended Kiyumizu-nichi. At the Kyoto station we managed to catch a glimpse of the Kyoto tower!


I found the Kiyumizu-Dera temple to be of significant importance from the perspective of architecture. How would they have built such a magnificent shrine on a cliff that high back centuries ago? Look how amazing that is from the various angles.


Plentiful of shopping in this tourist spot here too with rows and rows of shops selling ice cream to designer kimono! The green tea ice cream seems to be a hit here, supposedly the tea came from the mountainous Kyoto.


Surprisingly so many tourist wre seen sporting enough to wear rented kimonos walking around and into the shrines and temples. I took opportunity to shoot some pictures here. Also this place is favorite place for couples to shoot their pre-wedding photographs!


With also covered some shrines in the Gino area, which is walking distance from where we were. More magnificent view such as this gigantic statue of the God of Mercy, with the hills as backdrop.


With too many shrines to cover with our already tired limbs, we find our way back to our hostel from Kiyumiza-nichi stop to Shijo-Karawamachi for some shopping at the crowded Shino shopping row. The scene there is as though the whole of Kyoto is on holiday! From here we walked through Nishiki market for some late afternoon action there.


As I type these the local time is around six pm and with our tummies already drumming, we find our way to a tepanyaki meal at a nearby restaurant named Zoronpa. How is that going to be? You have to wait for my review tomorrow. Cheers!




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