Day 2. Arashiyama Bamboo adventure.

Day 2 嵐山と黄金寺院

As usual I am up in the early morning around five Malaysian time and local time at six. Checking my schedule for day, I have the early morning at Nishiki market, then Arashiyama and Kanku-ji temple in the later afternoon. Being this early I have decided to first hit the market. As I step out of the hostel I met a French and an American, surprising both are professors on their own fields. We sat by the pavement and talked about economics and the new order of the new generation. It was a good sharing sessions in that early of the day.

The market trip was disappointing as all stalls in the Nishiki market were not opened, with the exception of a few. I had a good time exchanging good morning wishes as they busy lining up their goods for the day’s trade. Of course I will be back again later, perhaps after my trip to the mountain.

Breakfast is simple at the kitchen; croissants, bread, and Rezzot. The last one is a simple rice dish with some sesame seeds. Just to fill our tummies for the hour or so bus trip to Arashimaya. We took a day pass for Yen500 each.


The journey to Arashima was an adventurous one, again going trough landscapes that showcase the lives of the Kyoto people around, We saw how they travel every day, we saw a tram system along the way, numerous train stations as trains busy crossing main roads on the same level. By ten thirty we can smell the freshness of the hill, reaching Arashiyama with bus no. 11 on the west from Shinji, Kyoto.

Arashiyama, is best known of its beautiful bamboo garden. Rows of bamboo plants made our day with their magnificent and harmonious existence with the nature. Climbing high and building on strong foundation the garden boost of a history back a few centuries. You have to feel it for yourself this gift of wonders!

We had our lunch in Arashiyama with the local noodle that comes with duck meat and beef. The taste was somehow moderate but good enough to fill our tummies again after the good walk in the bamboo garden.


The next stop is the Kinkaku-ji temple, supposedly also known as the golden temple. With the same bus no. 11 we continued our journey further to the east this time. The trip takes us to an interchange were we then took bus number 59 en route to the temple.


Not too spectator around a lake, the golden temple should look better during the spring. But at this time of the year only greens have made the temple looked impressive. Situated around an equally serene garden, this place is worth all the effort. I have taken some shots that have given life to the surroundings.

Next…… Nishiki Market. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Day 2. Arashiyama Bamboo adventure.

  1. Best part of staying in a hostel instead of a hotel is the chance to meet REAL travellers rather than LOUD tourists. Great job with the blog, Sam. ):

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