land of the rising sun

Day 1     land of the rising sun

The flight to Kansai International Airport (KIX) was great. Here I am in Osaka, the gate way for our journey of the next eight days in the land of the rising sun! This is our first glimpse of the country where once they were military superpower during the second world war in the early nineteen forties. The weather here now is in the cross road moving into the summer, but the weather is already soaring at thirty degrees. I was told there could be intermittent rain in the day time with a cooler temperature in the evening.

It is surprising to see that a private Telco company is giving free WiFi anywhere in Kyoto and Tokyo for fourteen days upon arrival by downloading an app. Apparently these two cities boost of having more than two hundred hotspots! Many queued up for the free app. My smartphone was built in China and couldn’t be fixed, but that’s Ok as I have free one in my hostel.

We took the Kansai Airport Transfer train costing Yen 2300 each (Haruka JR line) on a day pass making our way to Kyoto. The journey is a four stop speed train, stopping in Tennoji, Shin-Osaka and Takasaki before reaching Kyoto. It was a eighty minutes journey through some very interesting landscapes.

The first I have noticed was the fact that it went through many intermediate stations meant for other lines. I mean, there are probably more train stations in Osaka than bus stops! Another is the fact that I can’t spot any dirty roads or streets, watching from my window! What has made this country so clean? Discipline?

Finding our way to the hostel was an adventure by itself with language problem but we managed to find our way with the home work we have done.The hostel is impressive, I would rather call it a designer hostel with good kitchen, lounge, leaking patio and free flow of tea and coffee. I didn’t manage to join the strangers in the patio as it has been a long day, and in fact my room’s WiFi is faster than my Unifi back home!

I will get those photos posted tomorrow. The day ended with a splendid western dinner set a few steps from the hostel, only costs us Yen1800 per person.

Can’t type anymore. Follow me again tomorrow for more adventures. Good night from Kyoto!


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