Path Unexplained.

Was looking at the Google Street View, tracing back paths that I used to walk, as far back since 1996. The views have changed but not the paths, the last 19 years saw a dramatic change in so many things, especially the way my life story unfold before my very own eyes.

Some revisits were unpleasant, some traumatic and even some unexplained. The main path has been absolutely challenging, at times, without perseverance one will be frightened to the skin!

The passages vividly played in my mind as I cruise though the Street View. I ask my self, what has pulled me through all the “unfair” challenges? (of which I have labeled them as.) What was the plan?

Yesterday someone I have not seen for a long time asked me, “why this path?”. I don’t know and does it matter? But surely the question was thought provoking, challenging me to trace the path again, hoping to (re)discover some clues, some meanings and hints that I have not understood.

The path, yes all the past 19 years was indeed mind boggling, no one can explain to me, no one will ever see the path I have been through and no one can feel the deafening instincts I have followed!

No one.

But surely, I am putting them behind me. It is good to recall them sometimes as reminders but it will not be easy, really.


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