The stress of making new year resolutions!

It’s the end of Day2 of 2015 now and as I set out to observe other’s new year resolution, I have found many Facebook postings to be interesting. One has been very determined to quit smoking and I hope this friend of mind can make it through with his fair bit of determination. I know he is reading this and you have all our blessings. You can make it!

Another resolute with a long list, yes I know you are reading this too, from finding more financial freedom, buying a car, better career and also finding the other half in love. Yes buddy, you can make it if you push yourself harder but mindful with the handful resolutions you have set. take one at a time and be realistic. Yet I must say that you have to work hard on them, but a resolution that long is definitely a good start.

Yet another friend has also resolute to make big bucks from some multi-level-marketing (MLM). I am sure you will achieve the feat you have set but please do remember not to be overconfident. I have seen many postings from this friend over the last few weeks but nevertheless, I hope action is louder should you practice them well. Good luck!

What about mine?

Nay, I think it is too stressful now for a fifty-year-old-soon-to be! But seriously, I will be taking them at my pace now; taking one at a time slowly but surely they will keep my brain working. Seriously, I will be working more on my hobby of writing better software and my next mega project will making an intelligent robot from Lego Mindstorms, a robotic Lego set my daughter got from Santa for Christmas!

I will also working on my green house project (see yesterday’s post), a very sequel to my earlier solar project in 2012. see here

Else I think it will be too stressful for me to resolute more and I know it well that my work will be too occupied. For those not making any resolution let me share a post I have written sometimes back. See here for Billy Joel’s River of Dreams.

Meanwhile keep reading! Cheers.


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