Happy New Year! (I am back!)…. :)

It was 15 months that I have last written, missing entirely 2014 without any posts. It was truly an hectic year with most weekends spent working. So, I am back! (Don’t tell people in WordPress.com that I have written almost everyday in Facebook for the entire 2014!)

I wanted to write again in 2015, making effort to write everyday (again!), yes, in WordPress that is.

For a start, I want to share with you an experiment that I have started a while ago with a green house, basically to study (and helping my daughter) the ecology. Would love to see how the system work everyday, I have bought a small transparent container and placed some soli and water to simulate the landscape. I have made it slightly sloped to give the best effect of “rain” that I hope to see. Here is the project and I promise to show you snapshots of it every few days.

GreenDay1C GreenDay1BGreenDay1C

Elsewhere, my heart and prayers is still with those affected by the flood on the East Coast and the families of victims in the AK8501 that went crashing. Be strong.

Meanwhile, keep following!


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