Hate My Job? Absolutely No!

In a casual chat yesterday, my well-respected middle aged Chartered Marketer colleague actually throws in a very simple question that sent me in a very awkward situation without an answer. Impromptu, my mind sent me reviewing very hard in search for a real answer and at that moment, I really gave up. I have searched very hard through my memories, way back to more than eighteen years of recollections; in the speed of light and within a few seconds that’s it, (or probably only three seconds) I cannot recall, let alone answering that simple but yet an elusive one.
‘Emm…I can’t tell you as..,” I remembered responding to him in a shameful way and the words actually came through my mouth as my memories still recollecting, very hard still. But I was glad that I don’t have an answer then, as honestly, I have forgotten the answer! So what was that very important question that has prompted me to blog this post? job

I can’t recall the exact question, but it sounds like this “have you ever hated your job?” In fact, I can’t recall the conversations that we had, yes, all the ten minutes before this question! It was all archived very deep in my mind by now. My mind is still filled with this question, more with the answer actually as I type in these words. What had pursued second later was my response “I can’t recall when was the last time I hated my job; well I have not hated any of those for the past eighteen years!” I can recall that these two wise men (ahem) jubilates with the answer soon after!

I felt that answer was the most honest one and I am still amazed with the answer! I have never for the last eighteen years come across this question or someone asking one to me. I felt relieved and happy that I have been so honest with myself. Yes, I have not hated my job for the last eighteen years, and I can rightfully claim now but word of thank must be given to my wise colleague Brian. I then added that I have not a single day that I dragged myself to work; I have jumped straight into my work each morning with full enthusiasm.

I wonder and I am now more determined to pen down very important reasons why I have not hated my job for so long, after thinking hard for the past fifteen hours. Or something like the whys and the how’s that made up the great feeling inside (feeling liberated actually) feeling proud with the fact.

I felt liberated! Is this the best gift for the perseverance that I have endured? Does that mean that I have truly enjoyed my journey for the past eighteen years? Was it true that the path I have chosen was the correct one? Was this the road less travelled celebrity authors have written on?

I think I have found the right job eighteen years ago and “you don’t have to work a day” as Brian puts it. I think so. When I first started into this job, I have recognized that the success is largely depended on how one would have control over the intended performance. It is still very much an individual affair and I am glad to say that the first few years were indeed challenging as I maneuver and learning the tricks of my new trade. It wasn’t easy but at the same time I began to learn about myself, my strength and most important my objectives. It was really a paradigm shift that I myself have to see into myself so to speak; learning to play a different role altogether while wading through unfamiliar territory.

Soon after, I began to enjoy the new role. I began to accept that the fact that I have a new role that is so much different from my peers at that time; in fact at that time no one else have guessed why I have embarked to the new path, let alone understand my rational. The challenge at that time was to convince myself that I will do well in my new career and it is all about my future, no one else. I did have some success in the third year and I am proud that I have proved to myself that I could do well if I set my priorities well. That had spurred my enthusiasm further, I felt.

As I advance further, coupled with some really good opportunities that I had taken well, I began to see newer challenges and responsibilities. I felt these opportunities were well executed and gain tremendous trusts from superiors and other stakeholders. With good words around by humble people around me I start to believe that I am made out for this career. I began to discover more of my strength from year to year and to be honest, I still do.
I can’t paint all the beautiful and painful things that I had went through all these eighteen years (maybe in book about myself later, no just kidding) in this blog; nevertheless I felt blessed that I had overcome each challenges as they come. My perseverance and my beliefs have pulled me through each time, my honesty and diligence I suspect, have played an important role. I can feel the toil until today but I am not complaining. The satisfaction from the challenges and the many pleasant encounters made it worth the effort. I felt that this career is rewarding, great satisfaction with no financial measure that one can attach.

I am glad over the years I have met people who are truly helpful and have appreciated the small things I did and continue doing. Their appreciations have given me tremendous support over the years and I am blessed that they are still coming in. I guess these motivate anyone in the same role as I am. It makes you wanting to do more and looking back the eighteen years, I am glad to say that it made the difference.

So, are they regrets or hating my job? God blessed, NO! I love every single minute of it because my role let me discover my strengths every day, I can see that expanding. I am glad. Thanks mate for asking this question yesterday. Today I felt liberated as I know the answer.

I have forgotten how to hate my job! And in case you are still figuring what I have enjoyed the last eighteen years, I teach.


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