getting things done early in the year (requires a new recipe!)

Today is the ninth day of the brand new year. Getting one thing done out of the long list of resolutions, really need a lot of courage! You just need courage! (Get out of the lazy chair man! You have been sitting there since Thanksgiving!). Here I try to share with you a new recipe called “sopa de éxito”.

You will need the following:

2 teaspoon of imagination (wild ones)
6 oz. of ideas (preferably fresh ones, not those from shops)
3 cups of planning (blended well, remove residue)
1 great effort
6 packs of determinations
Mix all of them and bake with perseverance (240 C, years sometimes)
After cooling for 15 minutes, enjoy and taste your success


1. Oven

2. One large salad bowl


You will first of all need 2 teaspoons of imagination. It must be wild ones which you yourself would probably laugh at in the first instant it pops up your mind (and followed by others when you tells them). Wild imaginations are good for your mind, it has a lot of vitamins for your brain. Use two teaspoons to zap up enough energy the soup will need later in the oven. Add more imagination to taste if required.

Next is 6 oz. of ideas. Clean them thoroughly and stare at them individually before cutting them in strips. Wear a different hat when you look at them one by one, as suggested by Edward De Bono. These ideas are full of enthusiasm, some nutrition required by your healthy heart. Add more according to taste but beware of  devils and devils advocates. (They will tell you to ignore these ideas, don’t because it adds contour to the soup.

You will also need 3 cups of planning for the soup. Use brands such as TQM, JIT and SIX SIGMA which you can find them easily on supermarket shelves. They consists of good Costs, Time and Quality dimensions required to give the right aroma for your soup. Don’t compromise on these as they may be expensive but essential. Your soup will taste terribly bitter without them. Keep to 3 cups, other wise your soup will be too diluted.

You can find one great effort, the base material for this soup underneath your couch if you were to get your ass up and running. They don’t sell this in the supermarket, but occasionally can be found in smaller stores such as CarreFAIL, TesCONNED, GiantFLOP or MyDINNED. Once you found it, give it a thorough cleansing (it was probably there since you were a kid), soak them in Reality sauce for four hours until it is fully marinated. It should be a little glowing in color, depending on which one you have found.

The six packs of determination can be found in most libraries and they are required to give the color of the soup as well as its taste. Put in as many as possible if required or according to the serving required. They are the know how of the soup and feel free to experiment with the various determinations as determination comes in various shapes and sizes. Choose those with fire as it fuels the cooking process while the soup is in the oven.

Once all the ingredients are ready, plunge them in a large salad bowl and mix them evenly. Should you need a larger bowl due to the size of determination you have used, do so with the washing machine. Once they are evenly rolled out, place them in the pre-heated oven at 240 degrees Celsius. You will need the heat to keep your soup melting with the determinations, which in turn will give you the best taste and texture for your soup. However do not go beyond 240 degrees as the soup will be well burnt-out! It will take a long time in the oven but it all depends on the quality of the materials used, especially the base material “effort” and the determination. I advise you not to get the cheaper ones!

Once it is cooked, let it cool for 15 minutes before serving. It should taste good It is known as the sopa de éxito.

Happy Cooking and don’t forget to switch off the oven. Adios.


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