The New Movie “2013”

Not enough of “2012”? Why not try this “2013”! It isn’t about another doomsday that tearing apart New York, Shanghai, London and everywhere else. It will not be about the three gigantic ships that saves the human species, although I strongly against the fact that the wealthy (and lucky) ones got to ride in them. neither it is one that shows how strong the earth moves, again!

I am talking about a movie where the story line that is going to be more interactive, more engagement between the viewers and the directors; and one that is more result oriented. This movie is going to be released in winter 2013, 31 December 2013 that is. The casts of this movie will be determined by the directors but without scripts to guide them, mainly because it is going to be super-interactive one!

I am talking about the movie of your own life.

Do you want to make the movie with the best ending ever? The hero is director him or herself? Or do you want to someone else a hero? How would you want the ending to be, the hero walking proudly on the stage to collect his or her Degree or MBA for instance? Do you want to have a story that the hero defies all odds to marry the right one or would it be the hero successfully build the foundation of his or her career?

I would certainly want a fairy tale ending for my movie, with a lot of achievements; both in my private life as well as in my profession. I want sequel to that, laying success stories one after another for many years to come. I want my casts to be heroes too in the movie (or my future movies). No bad guys, only weak actors whom I believe will have equal opportunities for success. Sounds good with a lot of surprises I am sure, a lot of suspense and sweet memories (I hope).

But I am not dreaming. I am the director and I am going to make my own movie. I want to control my story line, I have some ideas yet I do not know the ending. I am some ideas about how my other casts could help me to write this beautiful story. Writing this story requires my constant vigilant, the nerve of steel (to try newer things), perseverance to weather the storms and patience to defeat my restless soul. It is going to a building block process from day to day and month to month; but I have my plans in my head from the beginning. I will not tell you now to keep you suspense watching my movie.

I hope you too can make your own movie so that I can enjoy and share it with other, to share the joy by clicking “like” in Mark Zuckerberg’s already famed movie. Mark like other of his peers have shown us the way how a movie were made. Through perseverance, bravery, hard work, relationships, humbleness and non-exhaustive good behaviours; all that we could learn from to make a good movie. I for one will definitely use these simple principles and hoping for the best.

Come join me in making my movie a success and in return I will be your cast next year to make yours looks good!



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