Come home this Christmas.

Dear Grown Up Bird,

This Christmas, like any other years we are looking forward a glimpse of you. Though you have disappointed us for the last decade, our hope of seeing you never fade. We know that we will not be able to see you too this year. But we are not giving up hope. We will be in our home waiting for you, a home that you once so warmly protected, have had good times and most importantly where we all have been so supportive.

We do not know and probably never know why you have been so quietly distanced yourself from all of us. We wakes up each morning thinking of you, wondering most of the time whether you are doing fine with your own world. We will not be intrusive into your private life but where blood had bonded us, we are feeling the misery of the missing part of our lives.

Home coming, we will take you back without condition. Trust us.
Home coming, we will take you back without condition. Trust us.

We never and not ever will brand you as cold-blooded, leaving us stranded here, not knowing whether you are dead or alive! The thought of seeing you kills our hope sometimes but we will be hoping the best yet expecting the worst. Honestly our lives here are filled with some soft and sad spots without your presence. Missed were your jokes, your points of reality and mostly your physical presence.

This year we make a resolution to tell you, for whatever reasons that you are shying away from us; be it being in anger, shame, religion differences or just disowning us, we want you to know that this home is yours. You are welcomed home unconditionally.

We will not look at your religion as we have accepted you much earlier for what you have chosen. We will not look at your financial well-being as no one can judge others (including us) materially. We will not question your pasts, present or future; you are just like us  living in the present with all the life challenges.

Likewise we will not expecting you to have the same thoughts on us. We just want you to be back, for better or worse. It is your shelter should you need one. It is also your sanctuary should you need unconditional arms to hold you. It is also a place to warmth your troubles should you have any.

We do not know where to find you for the sky, land, mountains and sea are too vast and with our already tired hopes and  waits we will just wait. And if you are coming back this Christmas, we have painted the roof in orange; a warm welcoming for you.

Love and hoping.

Bigger Bird.


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