In response to the daily challenge, the following pictures are still in my mind, vivid memories still for a 47 years old!


Files and photos sharing capabilities in major communication or social network such as Facebook and YouTube has, to certain extend revolutionised how we share our experiences with someone within our network and those without. I am beginning to be part of that life cycle, sharing good and bad moments with people associated with me. I have broken many barriers of communication and sharing, that otherwise I would not, for instance sharing some of my private and social happenings. The feel good factor in sharing, I think, has prompted many more people openly feeding photos to their friends therefore  closing further affections.

Being born in the mid sixties I wasn’t that lucky as most of my good times were not captured properly in electronic media. On occasions I did have some photos taken by my uncles and aunties but my family, as far as I can remember doesn’t own a camera…

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