So? What do you want to do?

Graduating? Find a career and make a lot of money? Running back and forth from Wall Street to Canary Wharf? Buying bigger yacht and cruising down Monaco’s street in your bright red Ferrari? Pause.

Or do you want to do something everybody does, even that weren’t what you want? Confining yourself into a script that is too common and “as expected”, which means that you work for a number of years, got married, raise your children, you have mid life crises, you aged, you retire and and you leave your loved ones. A script that almost everyone were told in almost all television dramas.

Is that what you want?

Do you want to be a writer? One that can see through life and tells a tale so dramatic yet so life fulfilling! Sharing life experiences and expressing words that is so elusive from our ears sounds fitting to one’s life, which many says is a journey.

What about a photographer? One that explore, investigate and taking risks to bring you the correct picture. Pictures that are real and tells stories, helping us forming map illustration by making us imagine. Imagine, going to the loneliest place in the world, running across the street in a war zone and swimming with the sharks; still holding the privilege to unfold stories.

Go on to make life taste better, be a chef! Playfully create someone’s palate, explore food from different continents, cook for the Presidents of the world and writing a book on food may be just some perks in the job!

Travel the world like a lost person! Go to the most beautiful coast, most mysterious desert, most rugged terrain and the deepest hole in the world. See for yourself, document them, share them in your book and most important, educate others on the beauty of the earth.

The list goes on, more than we can imagine.

The only thing stopping us from imagining is the template that we lives in. A template of expired expectations, a template of unrealistic cautions and a template that is always handed down from someone! Wouldn’t it be right to write your own template, your own script and your own life?

Many of us equate the template to money or future fortune one will get. Does fortune matters? In the expense of missing the above I mentioned. Or will fortune follows your the script you have written. Perhaps, like many successful writers, chefs, photographers or just wandering Ian Wright!

Choice: Writing my own script.


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