Put an end to slavery!

I can hear their silence but they have no one to listen to their cries

I can feel their tortured heart but they have no one to sense their misery

I can see their tired eyes but they have nothing to look forward to

I can read their pain but they have to live with punishments

I can touch their inner feeling but their skin outside intoxicated and painful

I can cry over their mal-nourished muscles but they have to continue working without proper meals

I can speak to them about courage but they have to obey their master without questions

I can understand their fear but they have given up hope of escaping

I can sense their loneliness but they have lost any clues to life

I can help them escape but they know their mightier masters

for they are unfortunate children, women and men, in a modern-day slavery shame!


Every year, more than 28 million people were slaved across the world. It is alarming and it saddens me. They were trafficked into sex, mining, drugs, begging, hard labour and many more illegal activities. Most of them were kidnapped from one country and quickly transported to another, leaving them separated from their families and their families would be clueless as where they are.

These unfortunate ones deserve the same dignity, equality and treatment you and I have.

Join me in giving hope of putting an end to slavery. The above is my shameful feelings towards the traffickers who are greedy and inhuman. Report one today if you see any.




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