Will Christmas be the same this year?

Would think that Christmas will be the same and hope that it will even be more exciting than last year’s. With thanks giving around the corner, it is more likely everyone will be praying for a better Christmas soon. I am not talking about the presents Mr. Santa will be delivering nor the brand new turkey that will be perfectly roasted from the oven.  I am more concern over the climatic change that has been more apparent and significant, that have brought so much of change in how we live and wonder.

The devastation of Sandy recently had displaced thousands in addition to the fatal and unfortunate departure of loved ones. The world is really warming up fast, faster than anyone of us could think off. Our (mis)collective destruction of the ozone layer and (mis)production of carbon have been phenomenal lately. We need to clean our carbon footprints faster than ever! Effort must be stepped up sooner than tomorrow, plans must be implemented earlier than tonight and enforcement must be done in the next hour. All these just to make sure that we will not be heated up like the seas do.

Riverbanks broke much easier in recent years and rain seems to be heavier by the days. The clouds no longer hold water we once knew. In fact they have moved faster than the geological department can anticipate and heading to different directions faster than past data can tell. Rain has caused more damage in recent years, not only to material belongings but more lost of lives.

Landslides seems to happen by choice in recent years. Excessive development and cultivation have made landslides more prevalent and starting many more blame games, politically. Cutting down nature’s landscape for economic gains is nothing wrong with the exception that it must be done selectively. The nature’s way of holding massive quantum of soil through barricades from trees must not be underestimated. We need the strengths of the roots to hold the soil together and we knew that artificial barricades in the form of concrete will never lasts, let alone the ignorance capitalists that left the landscape bare post development.

The above were just some examples of natural’s beauty that have been mismanaged by mankind. And of course the alarming size of ice melting each hour in the northern pole is another main concern. What about the rising coldness in the Siberia, we have not heard about it in our papers or media. Is that another destruction to mankind? Sure is.

Terrorism? Yes, another destruction by those less than rational. Bombing people and buildings on the street, killing hundreds if not thousands innocent and helpless lives. Women and children, some fending for themselves in the street rumbling through dumps for a living as the men went busy vigilant in the borders. Sounds of rockets deafening the toddlers and babies, some hitting their rooms, pelting their houses and flattening their village. Going to school? No chance.

Human trafficking is yet another epidemic, mainly caused by greed and lusts. Little girls, teenage darlings and women were transported across well organised networks, running through seamless immigration borders and sold as drug mules, child sex slaves and prostitutes. Perhaps all these are happening with the help of some influential people, they being too rich to be questioned! Never mind the lusts, stop the traffickers will do.

So what about Christmas? I am convinced that Christmas will be the same this year. And again I am not talking about the presents nor turkeys. I am convinced that Christmas, like any other celebrations will remain the same; mainly because the I believe the above will remains in existence unless and until we do something about it. It is not about the size of the problem, we all can do something about them.

After all this is the spirit of Christmas where all things magical and miracles do happen.

Merry Christmas.

p.s. doing my bit.



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