My next target: Freshly Pressed!

Four days ago saw me breaking last year’s record of 5,810 views, now standing at 5,840 views and counting. I have revised my next achievable target to 6,500 views by Christmas. I didn’t do well as expected, particularly in the month of August where I didn’t write many posts due to my dad’s eye operation. But I am glad that I have surpass last year’s numbers, very much re-affirming the fact that you can hit targets when you have really worked on them.

To fare better next year, (really is part of my new year resolutions) I have lined up some measures that could probably make the numbers looks even better.

1. I am determined to get myself “Freshly Pressed”. I have read many tips previously written on this and I will keep working on this! Maybe this will be my aim in 2013!

2. I have created another page to synthesise this page with and its called just to put together another hobby of mine, photography. This is a page where I can use to stimulate my interest and skills further in photography. I hope this main page can cross sell as they do in other businesses! I will spend the next two months figuring that out. In fact, I aim to get two more pages out, that is Street Work and Art In Darkness. (You may see them in the right panel on this blog)

3. I consider that I need to increase the frequency of writing. Indeed WordPress has been helping all of us by throwing in the Challenge of the Week. I want to write on alternate days, that’s my target.

Target for 2013, hear from me again in this blog. That is after Christmas! Merry Christmas!



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