You have to be seriously Happy!

Many have asked me (including myself!) what happiness is. Seriously, this is a serious question! The chances are if you are asking this question, you are looking for one yourself. Everyone is looking for happiness. Authors made millions selling happiness in writing, circuses made millions selling suspense and laughter, politicians earns millions selling promises and of course, builders made millions selling their hard work! Also, sometimes many buy happiness. Movie goers paid millions for happiness in watching thrillers, punters paid millions hoping their favourite horses win races, gamblers squandered millions defying the law of probabilities and many spends millions on shopping when they are sad. All these, just to gain happiness.

Seriously Happy!

As happiness comes in many different forms, it is very difficult to define and brand happiness. What is more important is how to achieve the happiness. Many people led happy lives with low pay checks, some happily learn as they travel the world on foot, millions happy with simple uncomplicated lives and rich people happy being millionaires with a heart! Sometimes one wonders how they manage to achieve this feat. I mean, you have probably come across people with low pay check having trouble with their households and marriages; people travel aimlessly around the globe yet not finding what they were looking for; the millions that earns well but yet having complicated lifestyles and millionaires that constantly harassed by the tax authorities and can’t sleep well. And of course they don’t have happiness per se.What have made the contrasting results of the two extremes I have described above?

I guess I know the answer. I am trying to. Would that be right to say that one have to be serious about being happy? Yes being serious in pursuing happiness. Happiness, I believe happiness is self-defined. One has to be serious in whatever one does. Street cleaners are happy because they have so much ownership over their roles and many were happy with their work, so going extra miles as a matter of fact! Millions of clerks happily retired and they can tell you about their workplace for the past thirty years. I can sense the happiness from the stories, happiness that they have gone through. I have also seen happy housewives even though many others complaint being confined to their houses day long. I guess it is about how serious they have seen their roles that have made them being happy.

Are you happy then? I do believe being serious about one’s role plays a bigger part of happiness. It wasn’t about pleasing people, how much you are earning, what car you are driving or even what shirts you were spotted with. I believe by seriously pursuing one’s role it brings happiness and I referring to one being a serious parent, an office member, community friend, good neighbour and seriously being a member of the society would suffice.

Doing work seriously, with honesty and objectivity would probably the ingredients to self-made happiness.


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