Monster Mondays

Monster Mondays? Are they blue, long and scary? Where do they live? Popping up from nowhere as soon as we wake up from our Sunday sleep? The thoughts of having to go through all five schooling or working days usually drown our Monday breakfasts. Tuesdays seemed to0 near and Wednesdays looks like tomorrow! And of course, Fridays seems to be two hundred years from Mondays!

I can’t help but to reflect back how I have survived through Monster Mondays so far in my life. Mathematically I have survived 2,441 Monster Mondays! The first 260 was a breeze as Monday Monster don’t scare small boys and girls. Boys and girls have more friendly Everydays! As soon as I reach six, Mondays were friendlier, as I can remember, because I looked forward to see my friends in pre-school! Time to catch up with friends after each “century long” weekends and looking forward to buy things from the tuck shop at the pre-school, I also looked forward to break times where I can still remember vividly the teacher dispensing chocolate drinks to our self-brought cups.

Going to primary school was a whole different story. Monday Monster became scarier with home works, where the teacher usually collects them on Mondays! Of course, in many times Monster Monday have eaten my homework that I have “completed” over the weekend! Somehow the teachers seem to be so ignorant over the existence of Monster Monday! Seriously, until today I can’t understand why the home works weren’t inside my school bag! Or could it be the case that Monster Mondays lives in our school bags?

Sundays were friendlier in those times, usually spent with my cousins. We will play football day long, imagine ourselves to be Peles and Puskas! I knew nothing of Monster Monday while playing because I believe that monsters don’t play football. They resides in our school bags, remember?

(P.S: I don’t remember seeing the monster in my bag, but on Sunday evenings I usually see tonnes of homework in it! One of my most hated home works is Art. But mind you I can complete a piece of drawing in ten minutes, with painting. And of course failing them each time)

As I grow into my secondary school days, my school bag seemed to be heavier too. I know the monster became bigger too. Going to school on Mondays then, usually starts with fights with the shoe laces. They seem to be shorter than most days! You can’t really tie them well on Mondays! I also remember that on Mondays you can’t really find your socks!

Going to college on Monday mornings is much more relaxed. I guess Monster Mondays don’t bother college students. We have the time of our life and I guess, those days no one remembers Monster Mondays! No home work to submit, at least you don’t get caning for giving excuses that the monster have eaten your assignments!

After graduation, monsters exist in different form. They have emerged from your school bags and disguised as human being; sometimes as your irritating boss, equally irritating colleague and your noisy neighbours or customers! They seems to have more demands on Mondays, were they starved during the weekends? Were they deprived of Mondays as they “supposedly” enjoy their weekends? Reports seem to have more errors in them compared to many other days! Funny. Monsters seem to be more mischievous on Mondays!

So who is this Monster? Do they live with us? Cheers.


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