“Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland”

Owning Lego’s building blocks is still the dream of a forty seven years old writting this blog. For his dream was visualised back in the late sixties! He played with slippers (yes, slippers and many of them considering the size of his family) as a young boy, pretending that those were cars but enjoying them as though they were Lego blocks built cars. He would lined the slippers into car service centers and car washes as what he had seen from newspaper and those that his richer cousin had. But it was fun and after all Lego’s main objectives were and still is, I believe, to make younger boys and girls imagine and creat their own story board. I did.

One of the most significant memories that I have brought back after each visit to my cousin’s house, was the colourful attires that worn by the characters along with the blocks. Some firemen, policemen, doctors and even postmen! My imagination ran wild then! But the fun has to stop as we return to our house some three hundred and fifty kilometers away, but my adventures had just started then! I would imagine that some slippers were patrol cars, some ambulances and a few fire engines. Without them being there, the characters were in my mind, putting out fire as soon as the “fire engines” arrive and policemen busy cordoning the disaster area while so many characters stood to watch. It was all in my imagination as I stage the plays outside our humble house. Lego had been successful in making me more creative and imaginative, till today.

As I grew, I silently saw many more concept Lego sets on supermarket shelves. I admired, knowing that my parents would not be able to afford them. I saw blocks being used to build double storey car wash centre, I admire the fire station that became 3 D with the blocks and, one my favourite was the helicopter that you can build with the blocks (and you can rotate the blades!). It was so exhilarating for this teenager then that he vowed to keep his meagre pocket money for one of those sets. But later he found that he did not because he had not saved enough. But he imagined on and happy he was, out grown his teenage years.

Not having the Lego blocks set of my own, I continued to dream on. On one fine day in college, I stumbled upon another genius invention of Lego! The Mindstorm! It was selling for about a thousand ringgit then, and I again vowed I will have that set when I have enough after graduation. I continued to be fascinated how it work, blending lego blocks to controllers and moving parts. I want to go to the Legoland to see for myself because the dream is still with me and it has been here for more than forty years!

I don’t have my Mindstorm set yet. I will one day!


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