My First Solar-Powered Meal: Home-made 9 August 2012

Today marked a wholesome satisfaction as I have made myself a green man! You bet! I cooked my late breakfast this morning using a home-made solar oven, which I and my daughter Xin Yee had made the day before. It only took us some references from YouTube and two hours of our time cutting bit and pieces from discarded boxes. This one belongs to Xin Yee, a smaller oven that can fit in probably a standard size pizza.

I will post here how to make this too, later.

Now back to my solar-powered breakfast. It was meant to be an experiment to see what they have said on the YouTube actually works! And I have decided to test drive this self-made oven. I have placed this oven on my driveway half an hour before cooking, just to make sure it heated up as our conventional oven does. I would guess that the temperature inside would have reached 120 degrees F after half an hour.

While waiting for the solar oven to be heated up, I have prepared my breakfast on a tray meant to be placed in the oven. It looks like this.

One Egg, Two slices of bread and Three slices of ham….1-2-3
Temperature soaring in-side about 140 degrees F and it is ready to go.
Breakfast inside the oven…looked like one of the breakfast box from McD!

No oil, no gas, no fire…just plain solar and me as I stood back to observe. Fingers crossed that it work. OK, at least the egg!

After 15 minutes, I can see that the oven top began moistened suggesting that the temperature inside is really hot! Touching the exterior of the oven is similar to touching on of the conventional oven! It was hot!

Really HOT inside.

As I take down notes, I realised that the egg should be the first one cooked. I am more conscious about time now, although in most postings in YouTube they have suggested an hour for most cooking.

Half and hour into the cooking I am pleased to see that the egg is slowly cooked the way I have expected! The white is really white and the yolk is forming very nicely in the centre. I hope it tastes good.

The Egg was the first one cooked, as expected (after 30 minutes)

At the same time the slices of ham is also taking shape, turning slightly darken now and looks yummy. I guess the bottom part of the ham began to simmer as small bubbles can be seen from the sides, just like the usual way frying them on a pan. Good, looking good. I wonder if the bread is doing fine though, because the white bread remain as they were!

At forty minutes, I took a look again and this time I can see that the ham is really cooked!

Getting closer to breakfast.

I left the oven for another 15 minutes to see how it goes, particularly the two slices of bread. Inside me, I knew they would have been toasted already under the hot sun but like any toast the color would turn slightly burnt, but not mine!

Another 15 minutes before calling off the experiment.

After an hour and three minutes I have decided to call off the experiment because I was hungry! And I must say that the result was pretty good!

Nice breakfast set by experiment!

Although the bread slices have not turn brown, I must say that they have been completely toasted! This is the first time I have seen a toast without burnt marks! They were crunchy just like they do in any toaster!

Clean Toast minus the carbon!

The ham slices were cooked to perfection just like what we usually do on a pan. Perfect, no oil and no excessive burn. And the egg was terrific with its texture!

Good texture. Cooked.

And here it is, on a plate ready to eat!

Ready to go!

Please do join me in my next test drive. I am willing to give the roasted potatoes a go! Cheers.


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