Running around Bintulu, Malaysia

“You have not been to Bintulu if you have not tasted the chicken feet” so said my friend, Thomas when we met up in Bintulu last month. He was right, this is the first time I have tasted such nice chicken feet. He brought the whole family to Spring Garden Cafe and found that the Fried Chicken Feet was fantastic (“Gie Ka” in local Foochow language). Although the owner has not disclosed the recipe, I believe that the chicken feet was marinated with herbs, stewed and finally fried. My guessing, after so many years of trying home cooked fired chicken feet stewed with mushrooms and also have tasted those from the famous Wong Pak Chicken Rice in Ipoh. Later in the sldeshow you may also see some pictures of a very special type of fern that is edible called “Milin”,  only on the Borneo Island!

The rest of the photos are those that we have shot while running (driving rather) around in our rented car. They shows some of the local lifestyles there and was a good experience being there! Enjoy.

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