Reflection and Reality

Sitting down and staring at life ahead of me, more of a wondering though, sent me to a relection mood dated back to the year I was born. More of a stock take, I began to recollect some of my pasts. Although I still remember the story of each photographs clearly, I began to realise that the reality behind those photos overwhelmed my reflections.

I can’t share with you my inner feelings and troubles that came together with this photo, I can’t share with you the sound of joy and despair when the photos were taken and I can’t share with you the deafening calls behind those smiles. Yet I think these were great photos. It shown both the reflection and realities of my life.

To many people these photos explains an evolution of a boy to his adulthood and to his current state. To many this is the process of life from birth to a state of maturity. And yet to many this is a gift of life. I believe in the last one. I am very sure that you will agree with me, that we have indeed given unmeasurable joy to our grandparents, parents, siblings, spouse and our own children. It is a gift of life, not only for ourselves but to share with others! I for one, in my early teens have subscribed to the old saying “Service above self” from the boy scouts although I have never been one. Later in life I reaffirmed my commitment when I heard monks saying “Being Selfless One”. I guess that is what life is all about. I know it is and I can feel it, because there is joy in me each day. Joy of being able to share my knowledge and wisdom; of many that don’t have a chance.

As the reflection deepens I realised that there were very little clues at each point of life what is going to be today! Is that mysterious clue purposely shying away from us? Or is it destined, or probably for us to chart our way through? Is the career I have today my dream when I was ten, fifteen or twenty? No it wasn’t. Wasn’t? Then why it is so today? What have we done that landed us where we are? Maybe and maybe not what we have done, believe me.

I guess what you have made from your life is what materials most. I have had my fair* share of challenges and each challenges have been the corner stones of my life. Reflecting again and again, the reality overwhelmed and by end of the day, reality rules. I follow the path, following it diligently and making the best of it each time. I know the path is leading me somewhere, somewhere unknown to me at the moment. But I know reality has always been in the forefront. I follow diligently. (* wasn’t fair though…LOL).

I know now the difference between reality and reflection.


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