Big Plate: Yum Yum can’t be wrong!

Yum Yum, simple name for a restaurant that is tucked in a corner of the road along Jalan Sungai Buloh in Kota Damansara. The owner obviously had chosen the right name for the shop as the food there really lived up to it’s reputation. I was told that this shop originated from Ipoh but I am equally amazed by the quality of  Nyonya dishes they have prepared for us. Nyonya food is a traditional Chinese-Malay blended cuisine originated during the Ming Dynasty when the first official relationship was formed between Chinese traders and the locals; when they explored the Straits of Malacca trading their merchandise in exchange for spices. Usually very much concentrated in the Malacca region, the Nyonya food that you can taste till today is very much spices blended chinese dishes. This restaurant also serves a variety of Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese; a good fusion that is.

Last week a group of bright MBA students namely Renee, Lily, Janny, Satyam Kumar, Edmund, Simon and Herman took me there (after their exams! “Appreciation” meal as they termed in) to check out the dishes. I can’t wait to go back there again, all of us and with the others who unfortunately couldn’t make it as it was a working day that day. There is always excuse to go back there again isn’t it?

Here were the tableful of food that we have ordered. All in eleven dishes including desserts. Appreciating the neatness of the dishes was enough to appetizes oneself!

This one is one great dish with sliced roasted duck. The duck meat was tender yet keeping the joy of sinking to the toughness expected from duck meat! If you look at the picture closely you will find that there is a small layer of fat in each pieces that probably have absorbed the flavours. Good one.

Sliced Roasted Duck.

We have also ordered Pucuk Paku, mostly found in Sarawak. The chef has prepared this in the Kerabu style instead of cooking them. Blended here were Paku, onions, mint, lime and mint; mostly giving a fresh crunchy and sourish bite through the Paku! What a change!

Pucuk Paku (“Paku Choy”)and this one is the Kerabu style.

Then we had this “how can we missed this” Pandan Chicken. Nyonya style, the pandan leaves wrapping the chicken had kept all the flavours within as they fried the chicken piece. The result is tender and moistured pice of spiced flavoured chicken meat after unwrapping the “almost eaten” piece of pandan leaf too, tasty! 

Nyonya inspired Pandan Chicken.

Counting on we had steamed Tilapia. This one is Satyam Kumar’s favourite! steamed to perfect timing, the meat remained tender sweet. Kumar finishes the fish head and that proved how tasty that was. I am not a fish man so let others tell the joy of leaving only the bones on the plate! 😛

The next is the in-house “Chiu Phai” Tofu. This one is different because the frying of the Tofu is so even, wonder how the chef has done it. Never seen something like that before as some would have them either too hard from the outside or too cooked on one end and not the other. The Tofu is further spiced up with the house sauce which tasted sweet and fragrant with the mixture of sesame seeds. Good Tofu.

Wow! Tofu, have tried many but this is different.

Not missing from the table was the fried brinjal. Not a sight of Purple color, this friendly Brinjals were so appetising to all, even if you are not a Brinjal person. The cooking was so clever that taste of raw brinjal is totally camouflaged but yet retaining some of the crunchiness expected from brinjals. I like the cooking style with a lot of tumeric and chopped dried shrimps (was that?)

Fried Brinjal, not purple?

And then this mind-blowing Santan Curry Prawns. What can I say, the prawns were so fresh and tender, somehow the chef had probably timed that so well so that the prawn will not drowned in the curry. The curry was so filled with santan (coconut milk) that it has lived up to the Nyonya reputation. If you have tried Devil’s Curry, this dish is close, very close! Yummy! (I would have finished the gravy had that be at home!)

Santan Curry Prawns

I am kicking myself now for missing out two very important pictures (Guys if you have them, please donate them to me so that I can complete my Yum Yum experience, thanks a lot). They were the fried eggs with minced meat and the plate of fried Kangkung (was that?). You may refer to the first photo to get a small glimpse how they look like. But I can assure you that the fried egg was fabulous, blending the minced meat so nicely in the omelette.

 That made up nine and the next two were desserts. In a very fair gesture, this restaurant has served us three bowls of Cendol into one large bowl. Don’t be deceived by this photo that I had the Cendol all by myself!

Don’t be deceived.
The fairest Cendol seller I have ever found!

Again kicking myself for not having the photo of the other dessert. It was Custer Egg!

Wow! that was full! Thank you guys for giving me a wonderful meal. I can see million dollar smiles all over; (top row) Herman-dad soon, Edmund-thanks for the KFC!, Satyam Kumar-friend from India (front row) Simon-all the way from Setapak*, writer, Renee Tan-mastermind, Lily Lee-another don’t mind travel far for food I guess and Janny-you will do well in the exam don’t worry!. Thank you all!

*Setapak is the other end of the world!

Million Dollar Smiles

Others that couldn’t make it for this meal, there is always an excuse to be here again! Yum Yum can’t be wrong! 

Right choice Renee!

Until the next Big Plate, Cheers!


3 thoughts on “Big Plate: Yum Yum can’t be wrong!

  1. Good to see that all of you had a good time but feels very bad that I couldn’t be there to show my appreciation, after all the assistance and guidance given by Mr.Sum. Yeah, hopefully can get the gang together again for a big meal.
    Whatever the outcome of the exam, million thanks to Mr.Sum…if only all the lecturers are like you!! 🙂 🙂


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