200th Post Today!

I have reached the 200th post!

In this post I want to write about what I have learned from the past 199 posts. I have started off by challenging myself on writing and must tell you how much I have enjoyed myself. It is like an alternative to writing a diary actually. Yes a WordPress “diary” that is. Although I have committed to write on a daily basis since I started but realistically it is more difficult than I have earlier thought. Balancing between the urge of writing and work, sometimes it were just plain laziness and occasionally not in the mood.

But seriously, finding a topic to write on is like finding a needle in the haystack sometimes. I have to balance between what I should be writing with those of what you may want to read on, honestly. I mean, one of my objectives is to share my observations, my joy, my experience and many more. Sometimes I received many “likes” and sometimes none; sometimes when I receive comments I would jump with joy and quickly replied them! It is nice feeling when someone likes your post, share the same thinking and appreciate your photos. Nice feeling, not that I am a forty-seven years old attention seeker but your likes do motivate me to produce more posts and pictures. In many posts, I must admit they were no readers!

I am hitting my first ten thousand views very soon (now standing at 9,120 views) and one of the important things that I have learnt is, marketing your work isn’t easy. It has to interesting, has a nice picture, a message, a value and many more. This year I tried to do something different by have a few themes that allow me to focus on a few genres I am writing. Glad to say that it is working well, especially the “Big Plate” and “Journey”. They have kept me focused and continuously writing and I think I have created some loyal followers, from the comments and likes on each of the posts. I have found that nice and meaningful pictures do help in attracting readers. I am polishing my photography skills too, as a complement of the writings.

Linking the posts to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ really helps in boosting the readership but I have so far encouraging signs but I am determined to make more from them. I know they will. Currently it averages about forty-six views per post and I am glad.

grightnow, my blog had allowed me also to communicate with my inner self, learning to understand myself through my expressions never before revealed by my words. It is probably also due to the aging process that have keeping myself more to myself. But I can assure you that I am not getting more self centric, but a process that allow me to know more about myself. The past four decades, like anyone else (of my age and older) had been spent meeting expectation of others in one way or another, perhaps it is now the time to know about myself to do more for myself. I think its natural and I am not complaining, after all, you have done what you can.

Writing this blog has also brought me joy each time I admire the photographs that I have taken. Not that I am referring to the shots, I admire more of the characters in the photo. I can see happy faces whenever we travelled or eat, they brought me joy and quickly I posted them on the blog. While most of them, so far were my family’s I am determined to take more photos of the street, countryside and interesting characters. Here are some of my favourites, keep reading!

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