Big Plate: Sushi Tei @ Gardens, KL

I have not yet written anything about Sushi and in this post me, my wife and daughter will share with you some of the food we have enjoyed ourselves over the weekend. This time around, in between shopping at Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens, we managed to drop by to Sushi Tei. This outlet serves Japanese Sushi on the conveyor bar and sit-in dining.

One of the firsts plate Xinyee has chosen is the plain Kani (maki) rolls that she always enjoyed most. That followed by Ebiko sushi, her favorite.

We have further ordered Unagi Bento for Xinyee, her favorite too with special grilled eel with really rich flavor, sweetish by a good standard. We found this in Sushi Tei. The eel tasted tender on the inside but I am amazed how they have made the outside crispy. I was made to understand that the eel was grilled over hot charcoal. I guess the sweet basting sauce that have made the difference.

Next on the menu was the Tempura, came straight from the fryer. Prawn and brinjal coated in light batter to be eaten in Tempura Sauce. I especially like the brinjal actually.

Then came the Nabemono Pot with Beef Kaminabe. the soup is especially tasty and it is cooked at our dining table. It came with a variety of vegetables with many types of mushrooms, onions, tofu and slices of beef. Notice the beef slices on the right. They were then cooked in the pot. The beef slices were sweet.

A closer look.

On the table was the Chicken Terriyaki too. It is grilled chicken, grilled not to over-cooked and brushed with a layer of sweet teriyaki sauce. I had that with rice.

Each time we dine in a Japanese restaurant, pickled ginger is my favourite. It will go well as appetizer as well as supplement to the main dishes.

And that’s a tummy full of Japanese food and the best way to finish that off will be the Japanese Green Tea. I like that cold.

Until the next Bigger Plate, Big Plate signing off.


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