Retiring My Dell Inspiron 6400

I bought this laptop I am typing on now back in 2006. An Inspiron 6400 from Dell at the height of the newly released Windows Vista, I bought this with Vista Business. Although many had criticised Vista  later for eating up too much memory, I am glad that this Inspiron 6400 is still serving me well. I am writing this post to announce that I am retiring my Inspiron 6400 in the next few weeks!

This buddy of mine has kept me company through the thick and thin because so many things had happen to my personal life since 2006. In tribute to its loyal service to me all this while, I will be keeping it in retirement as my back-up loyalist at home. It has gone very tired with worn out physical parts.

Its hinges are falling apart and continuing its services may cause harm in the long run, already I was electrocuted a few times before.

Its body is already wearing out, out living its body paint. In addition to the dirt accumulated over the six years, its body still looks tough.

The locking device on top of the monitor flap still looks safe, working well each time the laptop is closed. very reliable for what seems to be so unreal. They look like very cheap locks when I bought it, commonly looked like those found in toys. But it worked well.

The Inspiron’s front panel still look smart although I seldom use it. With seven buttons ready for multi media playing, I found my self uses more from the software control rather than the physical control. But they have been handy.

This is perhaps the only button I found it to be of no use. I have only pressed it a few times in 2006 when I bought this 6400. It’s supposed to start the multi media player without starting your laptop. Good feature but not my cup of tea. 

The following buttons too were hardly pressed, yes they are F11 and F12! But they look cool aren’t they?

The LED panel is reliable as always. Three of them, the ON indicator, the Hard disk reading indicator and the POWER indicator.

The trusted panel, its name still look full of courage. But I have to retire it because its operation is slowing down by the day. I guess the amount of updates on the softwares and Windows have taken its toll. With a maximum of 2GB RAM, sad to say that I will not be able to upgrade this soldier much longer.

For the record, I have upgraded the original battery pack from one that lasting 2 hours to now running at 6 hours after the former has out ran its life. I am also using a second charger after the first one gave way. Not bad for the duration of six years, an average life of three years for the battery and charger.

One of the hallmark of Dell (this is not a paid writing) is perhaps the customer service they have. Last year found me calling the customer service after a virus attack that stalled this Inspiron 6400. Although my service contract with Dell had long expired, the customer service personnel patiently guided me to reinstall and reboot this laptop. From that day, I have told myself that the successor must also be a DELL!

Bravo DELL and happy retirement Inspiron 6400 buddy!


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