Weekly Photo Challenge: Two subjects

Aha! A very difficult challenge here. What can I sent in this week? I have got an idea and this is how I see it, yes seeing two different subjects with only one photograph! I love to play around with miniaturised reality to say, as these that follows. I have used a free service in http://tiltshiftmaker.com/ and found it amazing.

This one is a tram found in Switzerland which I have miniaturised.

Two subjects, one the primary reason why this photo has been taken (by my wife) and the second by turning it into a miniature sized tram!

And this one is with the prime subject, some cars parked in front of a row of shops. And the second, miniaturised cars.

And this one a miniaturised tourist boat from Switzerland.

This one too, a village house from ZhouZhuang, China.

 Life can be so simple and miniaturised, less complex. Enjoy!






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