BIG PLATE: UKfourseasons for all…

Driven by the tasty roast “phei pha” Duck we had last week, we “drive” (pun intended) our way to the restaurant again to taste other food they have in the restaurant. Tucked in a little corner in Jaya Grocer, the leading grocery in Empire Shopping Gallery (ESG) the place was crowded because of the public holiday today.

Without wanting to wait long we placed our order immediately. Three of us; me, wife and mom have the same appetite today going for a bowl of Wanton noodle each.

This bowl came generously with eight pieces of Wantons but in my opinion, the finely made noodles that have made the difference. Soft yet springy. The soup was one of its kinds, can taste the sweetness from bones; and its clear making it pleasant for the soul and eyes. I think the sweetness is aided by the pieces of Pak Choy or Chinese cabbage put together. The result? Not a single drop of soup left behind!

Wan Shan had a plate of fried seafood Udon that came directly from Japan because her plate arrived late, almost three-quarter into my serving. Here is her plate (and mine, as I finish it for her later).

This plate came with generous portion of squid and shrimps, fried into taste largely from the black sauce they have used. The bean sprouts and spring onion made it smells great and fresh. And of course the Udon was springy and fresh. Lovely.

Dad’s bowl of supposing Ngau Lam Meen (Beef Brisket Noodle) came a little way too late; after all of us finishes ours. What came later was a surprise as the Hong Siew Ngau Lam (Roasted Beef Brisket) made its way. This time around in soup and looking at Dad finishing this bowl in no time, I wish he had offered me a bite so that I can make a review here. But the Roasted Beef Brisket looks fresh and juicy though, sorry I can’t describe further but to imagine. Here it is.

 We have also ordered some Dim Sum and they tasted good too. Very fine in their hand work and the fillings were generous too. And of course they were fresh and clean. Nicely touches the heart as suggested by its name, Dim Sum (tien means touching, Sing means the heart). Here you go.

 Simply delicious and money worth paying. All in RM 97 to satisfy our curiousity on this place, which had made its name in London; and now making its way into Malaysia. that is.

Till the next bigger plate, keep reading!


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