All in the Littlest Pet Shop mini family.

Xin Yee added another twelve pets into her Littlest Pet Shop family. Much to her delight her mom bought her new additions from the Philippines. This brought her collection up to twenty-five! And I am sure she would want the number to grow.

Here is the first and certainly not the last family photo.

All in the Littlest family.

The Littlest Pet Shop family is big and I was told that there are more than a hundred pieces. I am attracted by the concept people in Hasbro (the company that sells the pets) have in mind. It teaches children of all ages about the origin of the pets. in this photo you may spot pets from the five continents!  I am very sure that Xin Yee has learned to recognise different types and species of animals from her collection, particularly the Walrus, the St. Bernard and the Jack Russell dog. 

I too looking forward to see the collection grows and will be helping Xin Yee to the collection. I begin to realise that the internet has a good collection of forums when people from the cyber community may exchange notes on the collection. A huge and mammoth group that is, for the littlest pet shop collection. I am in the process of collecting the official name for each pet and will be tagging them from time to time, just for the sheer fun of it. And also there are a large collection of home-made videos on YouTube showing short movies children role-playing with the pets. It is just wonderful to watch how creative they can be. To make them more interesting, the pet collection comes with accessories ranging from food items to slides and a sandbox! Here are some of the pets with their accessories. 


Adorable pets, I bet. Thinking of getting some? Why wait? The pets come with good quality finishing and the best part is where their heads are adjustable. Value for money, particularly its play value!


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