Big Plate: Heaviest Meal On Earth – Wanton

Last weekend mom made (I knew its specially for me!) us the heaviest meal on earth again. Called “Wanton”, sounds “like one-tonne”,  I especially like taste made to perfection. Only prepared around 25 minutes before meal time, the result was outstanding again! This time around I managed to capture the whole preparation on my digital camera to share with you.

Mom made the Wanton in soup as everyone in the family loves them that way –  steaming hot, slippery wanton and sesame marinated Wanton aroma from each bite! The preparation was amazingly easy with mom blending pork meat, prawn, sesame oil and soy sauce in a large bowl.

Seen here is the sesame oil used, the taller bottle that is.

The blended ingredients were ready to be filled. Pieces of Wanton wrappers were used, which mom got from the market. The wrappers were amazingly fine and thin this time around.

This is a closer look. You can spot that the wrappers came flour-dusted to preserve the smoothness of the wrappers when the Wantons finally boiled. In addition it also prevented the wrappers sticking to each other in the pack.


They are ready to be boiled in steaming hot water. When boiled they looked like these, appetising enough to eat them on the spot. Along with the Wantons are boiled Choi Sum (Brassica parachinensis), in English, it is also known as “Flowering Chinese Cabbage” due to the yellow flowers that comes with this particular vegetable (Wikipedia). Look at that astonishing textures of the Wantons, the wrappers contoured to their fillings and nice painted Wantons.

And finally in mom’s trademark broth from bones, making up the perfect soup fitting the already appetising Wantons.

All in less than 25 minutes including wrapping the Wantons! Xin Yee has her hands in too wrapping those Wantons, along with my wife, sister and aunty. The result – everyone enjoyed the Wantons to the fullest, the heaviest meal on earth perhaps!


Till the next Big Plate, try it!


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