How much is freedom worth?

 Many people would tell you that freedom is priceless.

Those from the People’s Republic of China will tell you that their grandparents and their parents had given up their freedom many decades ago, not by choice and it is their generation now that is seeking what they have lost. Myanmar, since the release of Aung San Suu Kyi in 2011 has taken giant steps looking forward to their first Democracy election this year; try to recover lost time and mending too much untold stories from the current regime. In corporate America, freedom has a different meaning post 911 with the immense increase of surveillance cameras in many parts of the country; with the people have to get us of being watched just like the UK. In Japan, the radioactive meltdown in Fukushima, costing more than $12 billion painted a whole different meaning to freedom in Japan. All these freedom were so restricted not by choices.

 So what is freedom by choice? I am looking at the choice of the individuals when it comes to personal freedom, free to live with their family, friends and the community. In corruption for instance, mostly part of white collar crimes people choose to exchange their freedom with instant benefits. Coupled with position of power and loose policies, one party will be demanding them while the other party is desperate seeking what is rightfully theirs. The result is corruption, ranging for the right to sand mining, right to government contracts and many more. Those people in power, in bright day light rob the powerless ones; forcing them to abide their rules (self made sometimes) and forcing them to pay for favours. From their justification, it is fair and from the powerless it could be a small fortune for a big favour.

Many countries have step up measures to combat corruptions, with many being successful and others gain support by their own regime; very much to mercy of the innocent ones. Bundling large projects with self interest siphoning of public funds are common sights in many countries. Some wealthy ones, protected by their powerful colleagues became richer. Whistle blowing remains rhetoric most of the time because those in power are accomplice to the corruption.

Will you help to stop them?


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