All trees were gone!

After watching “The Lorax” I was left wondering over a few things. Firstly is it possible to build something an ex-road sweeper did in the movie? I personally think that O’Hare has done a great job, albeit being too unethical! O’Hare, the most powerful voice in Thneed Ville, built a town enclosed from the outside world promising clean environment for its inhabitants (but with ulterior motive!). I mean it was a good idea protecting the people from the already mundane world without trees outside. With almost zero life form in the “out of town” I think I would want to stay inside. Of course, for self interests, the people were blinkered and shadowed from the real world outside using mass of steel plates but ingenuity from O’Hare! Would you built one that may shield people from the already toxic, ultra violate threatened, polluted and possibly a tsunami? Just my thought.
Secondly, I was amazed by the happiness the people have in Thneed Ville. Free from worry of the outside world (that is if they know there is one outside, of course), happily inflating (of course inflatable) trees whenever they want, choose the latest version of trees (just like our computers) and free from litters in their environment! Actually I wondered how has the town disposed off its rubbish. Coming back to the so orderly life, would you want to stay in one? Will you, if influential people like Gates, Soros, Zuckerberg and Branson putting their monies together and built one in Utah or London?
Equally important, the animation has also caught my attention that Thneed Ville has self sufficient source of energy. There were no rivers or wind that helps generating the energy, making me suspicious that there could be a solution to the energy crisis that we are now facing in our real world! Is that possible? Will someone find a solution that seems too urgent for us? Will O’Hare’s way inspires us? Nuclear?
It also left me wondered how O’Hare turns the day into night. Will that be from a timer that we can get from the DIY stores and connected to his house so that he can control the amount of sunlight, oxygen required and fresh water supplies? I wouldn’t want to imagine that, it’s like Apple controlling your oxygen supplies and Exxon manipulating your water supplies, just kidding! What if they are doing a good job and you don’t have to worry about pollution index, global water shortages, and energy supplies that power the computer you are reading this from; and wind power to run your mills? Will you game on this?
I was also amazed by the road system in Thneed Ville with its zig zagging flyovers that can get you from one place to another in no time. I also believe that pollution wasn’t a problem there because the mobile that Ted travels on has not exhaust pipe that we see every day! If the mobile is being powered by a sixteen AA batteries I would certainly want one while waiting for the existing car manufacturers to complete their deal with oil producers before they come out with a green car!
My imagination is really running wild now and I better stop wandering before I lost touch with reality. However, this animation from the story by Dr. Seuss is really nice, simple message, simple story and now the kids knew that trees will be gone before long. The only tricky part is why aren’t they replanting program at the first place? That’s an unanswered question by Once-ler and that’s regret! But he did preserve one and only one seed! Will you? Unless….


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