A letter to my 16-year-old self.

Dear my 16-year-old self,

Hi, this is your 47 years old self. I am writing to you because I want to share with you what you will be going through in the years to come, completing your teenage years and then moving on to adulthood. At 16 I know you are now beginning to see changes in your physical being. A tall boy, that is. I know that there are many expectations from people around you looking forward to see you growing up and becoming a good person, especially expecting you to excel in sports. I know that you love football and badminton. Don’t worry, just go on to enjoy these games. You will not be able to made it to top flight sportsman; not because you are not good with them but you have better skills that you will soon discover and I will try to write them here so that you can be prepared psychologically.

In the next few years you will soon realise that education will become your priority, very much supported by your parents. They will give you moral support but I must say that they will not be able to sent you abroad for studies due to their financial situation. I know you would envy that but they can’t. Just try your very best to achieve what you dream of in the examinations. You will in the next year sit  for your high school certificate. I will not tell you now what you will achieve but you must remember, there is no substitution for hard work. I know that you are pretty strong in mathematics, glory on that!

When you have completed your high school, continue to study hard because you will be studying a field called Accountancy. The college you will be attached to is a very competitive college and hence, hard work is a must. This place is affordable and your parents can afford paying your tuition fees. And you will be very lucky because your eldest sister is giving you pocket-money too! Remember this deed forever for without this deed life will become more difficult there. Believe me you will be pass your Chartered Accountancy and become a Chartered Accountant, but you must work very hard. Don’t worry, be focus and just study hard!

I must tell you that upon graduation, your career progress may not be all rosy. You will encounter several significant setbacks. I will not tell you what they are now but they are significant, be prepared! You will have severe difficulties each time and that is because you have some weaknesses in you. Try to build your mental strengths because today, I believe in fate; can’t explain to you about fate but your stars will lead you to a noble profession of teaching. Sound awkward but believe me, you will find a mix of happiness and sorrow here. Just take the challenges rationally as they comes by and you will be proud going through it all. Believe me, just take the challenges.

Talking about happiness, in your love life you will find a beautiful lady that becomes your wife and eventually a mother to your lovely girl. She will be your source of inspiration, love her. In bad times, believe me she will be strong enough to give you all the support. Love her.

Not forgetting, of course, are your parents. They will age too as you grow older. Remember to take care of them in the future. I know there are communication gaps between you and them (and also in the coming decade); don’t complain, don’t abandon them, don’t hate them. They are doing their best to give you the best in life. As I grow I can understand now what they have gone through. Believe me it is not going to be easy for them too. I hope you will understand. Take care of them. As for your siblings, remember to keep the bonds no matter what happens. I must remind you that there will no other more valuable things in life except these bonds; bonds that were given by your beautiful parents. They too, wants you to live happily, believe me.

As I am still wading through the facts of life everyday, I will not be able to guide you more but I promise to write to you again as and when I need to remind you something important. Meanwhile just enjoy your teenage years, be good and study hard. Cheers.


Note: written as inspired by Angela Aki’s song ” A Letter to my 15 year old self” (Keep on believing).

Enjoy the song here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSThlYVFPBQ&feature=related


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