It is an union once again

In less than twelve hours, as I wrote this, more than a billion people on planet Earth will be celebrating one of the largest events ever known, the reunion dinner. Welcoming the new calender and a new year, annually Chinese around the world will return to their hometowns for a reunion dinner with their families on the eve of the new year. Today the tradition is still alive with many, abroad or otherwise would make effort to return to meet their grandparents, parents, siblings and children. Usually celebrated at home parents would be proud and they themselves would make sure that the dinner table fits everyone, for the grand reunion.

As I am writting this I am reflecting on this tradition, mainly appreciating how strong its value. Perhaps this is the most valueable piece of tradition that Chinese parents have ever taught to their children and to their grandchildren. So, what is the reunion all about?

To me it is nice just to see everyone coming back and knowing that they are well and healthy. Gong Xi Fa Cai.


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