Big Plate: Thực phẩm Trời Việt Nam (Food Heaven, Vietnam) -4 Crabs!

 Thought that all of you would have digested the photos that I have shown earlier, this is the fourth part of our food adventure in HCMC. In this post there will be no craps but plentiful of crabs!

4. Quan 94 (location: 94 Dinh Tien Hoang St., Dist.1,, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam )

Everything crab? Yes this is the place. Simple, cheap and tasty were the words that all of us here have agreed. Tuck in a small restaurant in District 1, 94 Dinh Tien Hoang Street we found our way there by taxi. On reaching, my wife reminded us to be careful because there another shop, supposedly less tasty as Quan 94’s neighbour. We have no trouble locating it as the signboard speaks well in from of the shop. Don’t be deceived by its simple shop front and better don’t judge the food by its plate!

Simple shop front. Don't judge the food by it's plate!

We have to climb upstairs to reach our table. we reach there quite early and no problem finding a nice corner in an air-conditioned room. We were served fast but language remains a barrier when ordering our food. We have to repeat our order many times when the food failed to turn up. But this is not a complaint compared to the nice crab dishes that we get.

Master chef preparing our food. Shot this while the rest waited upstairs.

Seen here is dad making choices on the menu, just to many crabs on the menu.  From the background take a look at how simple and homely is this restaurant.

Making sure there are no craps here! @photo courtesy of Xinyee
Nice little corner @photo courtesy of Xinyee
Here they are, our crab dishes. We ordered just enough for ourselves and still found myself tucking two plates of fried rice with crab meat.
Main dish. barbecued Crab. @photo courtesy of Xinyee
Supporting dish, plenty of vege and mint where ever we dined. @photo courtesy of Xinyee
Move our shark fins! Starter with a bowl of crab meat soup. Tasted excellent! @photo courtesy of Xinyee

Fried Soft Skin Crab. @photo courtesy of Xinyee

Generous servings of crab meat in the fried rice!
Closer look at the fresh crab meat in our fried rice.
Spring meat rolls. Slightly blurred photo due to the Tiger beer at the background.

...and finally Fried Rice Noodle with Crab Meat. Yummy! @photo courtesy of Xinyee
Overall rating? Satisfied customers and being posted on; bon appetite!  The author would like to acknowledge the good and commendable shooting skills of Xinyee that have contributed many of the photos here. Bravo!
truly Satisfied. Don't Crab Crab ha.

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